Video: A Day To Remember- I’m Made Of Wax Larry…

On the back of their incredible UK tour, pop punk/hardcore mob A Day To Remember have released the video for upcoming single, ‘I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Aside from being one of the best songs off 2009’s epic ‘Homesick‘ the video features cheerleaders, kick ball, synchronised headbanging and even a child being subjected to a chokeslam,  the latter possibly being the definition of ‘Awesome’.

So no excuses, the video is above for you to feast your hungry eyes upon. For those who didn’t catch ADTR along with Architects and Your Demise, we won’t rub it in too much but make sure you don’t miss the band on their next visit.


Green Day: Rock Band For 2010 Release
December 13, 2009, 4:35 pm
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After the success of Beatles: Rock Band it seems that the people at Harmonix/MTV are set to unleash a new band-centric title in teh hugely successful rhythm game franchise in the form of a full Green Day: Rock Band game scheduled for 2010.

The following statement has been released by MTV:

“This game will feel like a natural extension of Green Day and their music that will deepen the fans’ connection to the band and their history,” said Alex Rigopulos, CEO and co-founder of Harmonix Music Systems. “Fans will be able to enjoy some of the greatest songs from the Green Day catalogue in this standalone game or via Rock Band due to full export capability. We are thrilled to work with Green Day to revisit key moments from their career, including their likenesses, content and imagery, through our innovative form of musical interaction.”

Besides confirming a global release in 2010 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii, the the track list will be fully exportable, allowing you to play the songs or Rock Band 1 or 2. This exportable option is only for PS3 and Xbox 360, not Wii, however. ”

With the recent Green Day global takeover, it isn’t a surprise that one of the most successful and mainstream acts of the decade are to follow the Fab Four’s footsteps. Will you be buying the game or do you think that bands like Led Zeppelin should be first in line above the pop punks?

  The just released teaser trailer for the game can be viewed above.

Album Review: Bowling For Soup- Sorry For Partyin’

Bowling For Soup- Sorry For Partyin’


With seven albums already under their belt, many questioned whether Bowling For Soup would serve us anything we hadn’t heard before. Whilst it’s obvious from first listen that Sorry For Partyin’ doesn’t mark a new direction for the band, it’s certainly anything but recycled material from their fourteen year career. What it does manage to do is consolidate exactly what fans adore about Bowling For Soup into a neat one-hour package, showing glimpses of maturity for a band that prides itself on being immature.

Not doing much to relinquish the lazy tag of “That Joke Band”, there are plenty of laugh-a-minute tracks, explaining just why Bowling For Soup are synonymous with having a good time. Opener ‘A Really Cool Dance Song’ acts as a scathing parody on the current music scene, resulting in an effort better than the majority of the bands they’re mocking. Catchy enough to be embraced by the drunken masses and for anyone else who doesn’t get the joke. Up next is ‘No Hablos Ingles’, a hilarious slice of sing-along sunshine pop punk, showcasing exactly how good a ‘novelty song’ can be. Typical BFS ground is lovingly trodden, with odes being sung to Beer and Penis alike, with ‘Hooray For Beer’ and joyously mirthful single ‘My Wena’ both satisfying the three-year gap from the band’s last effort.

It comes as no surprise that a band extolled for their witticisms and harbingers of bromance, hijinks and having fun are deft-handed at writing a comical three-minute ditty. The surprise comes from the ease in which the band navigates the deeper subject matter and the fact that there are clever and knowing lyrics hidden behind the jovial exterior. The soulful pseudo-ballad ‘Me With No You’ might just be the best song this band have ever written, emitting just enough emotion to smack you into the chest without treading into the dangerous slush-schmaltz territory that so many bands fall into. Beneath the expected song fare are some unexpected surprises, the Sugar Ray-esque ‘I Gotchoo’ is an eulogy to 90’s pop-rock, sunnier than a trip to the Equator and laced with a Motley Crue-inspired metal breakdown; it is perhaps the most bizarre song of the year and an undeniably guilty-pleasure. Equally as unexpected is the politically-charged ‘America (Wake Up Amy)’, showing that you don’t have to create an American Idiot-sized epic to give a subtle middle finger to the current state of affairs.

The only blotch on an otherwise flawless slate is that someone felt the need to shove two perfectly good and album-worthy songs into the dark depths of the bonus track list. Surely if Bowling For Soup can transcend what it means to be a light-hearted pop punk band, then they can manage a 17-track album without fear of reprimand? Despite the minor gripe, Sorry For Partyin’ showcases just how much depth, creativity and passion a so-called novelty band can have, so much so that if you still pin any band that dares to have a sense of humour as a joke then it will firmly be on you.

Fall Out Boy Release New Songs In Greatest Hits

Fall Out Boy are planning to release a Greatest Hits bundle, which will include the band’s first new material since 2008’s Folie A Deux. 

The first of the new tracks, Alpha Dog is taken from the band’s Welcome To The New Administration mixtape which was the precursor to their fifth studio album and surprisingly left-off the final track list. If you didn’t catch the previously released snippet you can catch the full song on the video above.

Sure to fuel the rumours that the band are about to call it quits for good, bassist and sometimes-main man Pete Wentz told MTV News that he doesn’t want fans to think he is cashing in. “To me, calling it a greatest hits [means] if you’re not an avid Fall Out Boy fan, it’s an easy way to get all the songs, to take a dip in the water,” he laughed. “But if you are a Fall Out Boy fan, you can just go buy those two [new] songs off iTunes, or you can buy the package, because you will find some stuff in there that you’ll think is cool.”

The album, entitled Believers Never Die will also include DVD commentaries and a bunch of other goodies for all you FOB die-hards and can be yours from November 17th.

Billy Talent Plan UK October Tour


Canadian post-hardcore favourites Billy Talent have announced they will be trekking across the UK later in the year in support their newly released and already warmly recieved latest album, Billy Talent III.

You can catch quartet this October and November at the following shows:

19 – LEEDS Academy
20 – NOTTINGHAM Rock City
21 – SHEFFIELD Academy
23 – GLASGOW Barrowland
25 – DUBLIN Olympia
26 – MANCHESTER Academy
27 – BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy
29 – SOUTHAMPTON Guildhall

01 – LONDON Brixton AcademyTickets go on sale for all venues on the 24th July. And as usual, if you’re a lucky o2 customer, you can get tickets for all o2 shows 48 hours before the rest of the world.

The All-American Rejects For UK mini-tour

The All-American Rejects will be returning to the UK this Autumn, playing a trifecta of dates. The US pop-punk stars will be giving you hell at:

14 London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
15 Manchester Academy
17 Nottingham Rock City

Tickets go on sale 10th July at 9am. For ticket availability, check here.

Blink 182 Team up With Doritos For Virtual Show


As previously reported HERE, pop-punk megastars Blink 182 posted cryptic photos back in April showing the trio performing in front of a green screen.

Yesterday bassist Mark Hoppus revealed that the band were actually recording a free virtual show with Outkast’s Big Boi that will be available online on 6th July. After the words “free” “blink” and “concert” were used in the same sentence, unsurprisingly the first 500 advance tickets sold out within the first hour, possibly being sped along by Hoppus posting this update on his official Twitter: ‘remember that green screen stuff a little bit ago? blink-182. onstage. free. check it out HERE.”

According to the ticketmaster website, tickets can still become available by buying a packet of the special Doritos on the day of the show. Details are still currently a little hazy, but due to the website stating that a webcam is required it seems that the green screen will be filled with the happy faces of the ‘audience’. Unfortunately we believe this is currently just available to those in the US, more as we get it.

What do you think on this particular piece of marketing genius? We bet the people at Doritos are sitting on a pile of cash rubbing their bellies and chowing down on solid gold doritos, or at least we hope they are…