Jason Newsted: “I’ve Never Regretted Leaving Metallica”


Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has revealed in a new interview with Rolling Stone that he is still a fan of the band and has never looked back since he left nine years ago.

The bassist told Rolling Stone: “I tell you very honestly, 1 billion percent, I have never regretted leaving Metallica.”

The interview comes after the news that Newsted will join his former band-mates as Metallica are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame on 4th April. Both parties have also announced that there will be a special performance at the ceremony, where Newsted will join the band, including current bassist Rob Truijillo.

Jason also said: “[Leaving] was the right thing for everyone. It was the right thing to do for the camp, that’s it. I’ve never told anyone that I wanted to go back or anything like that, not once. I made up my mind. It was not an easy thing to do, but it was something I had to do. I thought about it very much before I pulled the trigger, and because of that, I have never looked back. The past is where its supposed to be.”

Speaking about his time away from the band, the bassist said: “I was one of the biggest fan of the band before I went in, and I’m a Metallica fan still. “I was always the one person in the world who had an inside look and an outside look at the band, at the same time, and now, I’ve been out for a while, and I’m able to be a fan again.”

New KISS Film In The Works

Germany Kiss Tour

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has revealed that a string of new KISS projects are in the works, including a new feature film, tv show and animated cartoon.

The Demon updated fans via his official website “We have a Financial Product we’re working on that’s shaping up to be (perhaps) the biggest venture we’ve ever undertaken. Can’t say more at this time. We’re also developing a NEW TV SHOW (soon to be announced) for Network.  And, we are Producing a FILM that’s about to start shooting in the near future.”

Details on the film are scarce, with no current information as to the plot or who is involved. Although “we are producing a film” sounds very much like a brand-spanking new KISS feature to us. We’re hoping that it’s not a remake of KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park, 1978’s straight-t0-tv movie which is definitely under the “so awful it’s borderline genius” catergory.

The Demon also announced that the long-rumoured KISS cartoon is likely to go ahead: “Looks like there’s an ANIMATION DEAL that’s not too far from the finish line. If and when it’s done, it will enable us to fund and own our own animated cartoon show.”

Tentative details on Gene’s own long-awaited box set were also given: “[The] Gene Simmons box set (‘Alter Ego’) will probably see the light of day in the fall and (looks like) will contain 150 songs that have never been released.”

150 NEW SONGS? That’s more than most bands have, let alone ones that are just lying around waiting to be included in a box-set. We think this is just showing off how busy KISS really are. A new album, a current tour, a film, a cartoon? Is there anything they won’t give us loyal fans? Next they’ll be making KISS condoms…oh wait.

Reading and Leeds Lineup! And it’s terrible!


Right, Fancore wants to play a game with you. Pick your ideal 2009 Reading lineup. Simples. Okay AC/DC, Blink 182 and Green Day or Kings of Leon, Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys. Okay 3, 2, 1…yup, thought so. Sadly the Reading organisers didn’t agree with you.

So while the rest of us go to Download, Bloodstock and Sonisphere to see real music, the scarf and tie set will trot off looking smug as fuck to this celebration of all things NME. Check out the horror for yourself at THIS link.

Fuck it, at least Deftones will be there. Dear lord though. Fuck.

Mark Hoppus Says “Blink Aren’t Playing Reading/Leeds”

blink1Blink 182‘s Mark Hoppus has quashed rumours that the recently reformed band are booked for this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals.

In a recent Twitter update the singer/bassist said: “blink182 has not been confirmed for reading/leeds festivals. doesn’t mean it won’t happen. love those festivals. but we are not booked yet.”

British band Arctic Monkeys have already been announced as one of the headliners for the festivals, via Radio One this morning. Rumours for the other two range from Green Day to Radiohead.

The full line-up for the festivals will be announced tonight at 7pm and can be found here, the minute it all happens. We’re hoping that the festivals will offer more rock that the Arctic Monkeys can give us, but by the looks of some of the rumoured bands it might just be a shrine to the Indie bands who seem to be taking over the world, one cardigan at a time…

Guitar Hero: Metallica Commericals Online

The big wigs at Activision have just released new commericals for their latest guitar hero subjects, Thrash-legends Metallica.

The ads are there to promote the new game which was released in the US yesterday and which unfortunately won’t be out in Europe until May. Consisting of 28 songs of head-banging goodness from Metallica, along with 21 tracks from some of their friends, including Slayer, Alice In Chains, System Of  A Down and recent tour-buddies The Sword the game is set to be the loudest edition of GH ever made.

The newly-released commericals feature a few famous NCAA coaches, who to us Brits probably won’t be name-dropping worthy, but still  Roy Williams, Rick Pitino,  Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight feature with the Metallica men. Check the second vid out below.

Well worth a look, if not entirely for James Hetfield’s stab at the world’s best on-screen dialogue, “put on some pants, pops.” Poor Rob doesn’t even get a line, he does get to look impossibly mean though.

Green Day’s American Idiot Is A Musical!


A Californian Theatre has announced that a musical version of Green Day‘s 2004 opus “American Idiot” will be making its stage debut this September.

The stage-production is a result of a collaboration between punk rock heroes Green Day and the Tony Award-winning director Michael Mayer.

 Berkeley Repertory Theater who are showing the musical through September and October have also announced that the show will include several new tracks from Green Day’s upcoming album 21st Century Breakdown.

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had this to say: “We’d been thinking of bringing American Idiot to the stage, but knew we needed to find the right partners. After meeting Michael [Mayer] we knew we’d found the perfect collaborator. The end result will be terrific, and we’re really proud.”

Both parties have said that the production will be in keeping with the vision of the Grammy Award-winning album, which Director Michael Mayer described as “an articulation of their frustration, anger, longing for a better world—a journey from apathy to action.”

Berkeley Repertory Theatre have said that the play will: “follow working-class characters from the suburbs to the city to the Middle East, as they seek redemption in a world filled with frustration.” It’s an exhilarating journey borne along by Green Day’s electrifying songs.”

Tickets and further show details can be bought from the theatre’s Official Website.

We think more albums should make their way to the stage, as long as the poetic nature of the songs can be captured…we’re thinking Slayer‘s ‘Reign In Blood” is definitely a contender. Suggestions?

NOFX Preview New Album Track Online
March 30, 2009, 11:31 am
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Punk legends NOFX have posted new song “The Quitter” on their Official Myspace Page.

The track comes from the band’s eleventh stuido album, “Coaster” which is released on Fat Wreck Chords on 28th April. The lovely people at Fat Wreck Chords are also offering the track up as a free download from their official website. And you can get that glorious two minutes of pure punk right HERE.

If you’re one of those online ordering types, the record label has a special pre-order package for those nifty on the old interweb. Pre-order Coaster from their website and get the album on a hand-numbered LP for free! Both CD and 7″ have 2 whole unreleased bonus tracks as a special treat for you.

And if the song and new album get you in the mood for some sweaty mosh-pits, NOFX are embarking on a UK tour through April and May, details and tickets can be snapped up from this nice link here.

Tell us, what do you think of the new track? Fist-pumpingtastic?