Fall Out Boy Release New Songs In Greatest Hits

Fall Out Boy are planning to release a Greatest Hits bundle, which will include the band’s first new material since 2008’s Folie A Deux. 

The first of the new tracks, Alpha Dog is taken from the band’s Welcome To The New Administration mixtape which was the precursor to their fifth studio album and surprisingly left-off the final track list. If you didn’t catch the previously released snippet you can catch the full song on the video above.

Sure to fuel the rumours that the band are about to call it quits for good, bassist and sometimes-main man Pete Wentz told MTV News that he doesn’t want fans to think he is cashing in. “To me, calling it a greatest hits [means] if you’re not an avid Fall Out Boy fan, it’s an easy way to get all the songs, to take a dip in the water,” he laughed. “But if you are a Fall Out Boy fan, you can just go buy those two [new] songs off iTunes, or you can buy the package, because you will find some stuff in there that you’ll think is cool.”

The album, entitled Believers Never Die will also include DVD commentaries and a bunch of other goodies for all you FOB die-hards and can be yours from November 17th.

Fall Out Boy Frontman’s Movie Trailer Online

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has treated FOB fangirls/boys everywhere by posting the first trailer of his upcoming film, “Moustachette” online.

The film, also starring fellow bandmate and limelight-stealer Pete Wentz, is Patrick’s first foray into filmmaking and as well as starring the singer, was also written and directed by Stump himself.Although the trailer doesn’t give too much away, it seems that Patrick Stump plays the movie’s protagonist Eugene Arlington– a tuba player in an Oklahoma pop-trio, whilst Pete Wentz plays Travis Pullman who seems to be an ice-cream fanatic of dreams of opening his own chain…interesting.
Moustachette” is yet have an official release date, but if every Fall Out Boy fan paid a dollar to get in i’m sure it’ll make it to the box office someday.

The film’s official website, describes the plot as: “A tale of love, art, and wading through all of life’s bullshit.”

Intrigued? So are we… Check the official website for cast bios and an insightful little blog.