Video: A Day To Remember- I’m Made Of Wax Larry…

On the back of their incredible UK tour, pop punk/hardcore mob A Day To Remember have released the video for upcoming single, ‘I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Aside from being one of the best songs off 2009’s epic ‘Homesick‘ the video features cheerleaders, kick ball, synchronised headbanging and even a child being subjected to a chokeslam,  the latter possibly being the definition of ‘Awesome’.

So no excuses, the video is above for you to feast your hungry eyes upon. For those who didn’t catch ADTR along with Architects and Your Demise, we won’t rub it in too much but make sure you don’t miss the band on their next visit.

Frank Turner- Isabel Video
March 17, 2010, 11:47 am
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Folk-punker Frank Turner has released his new video for ‘Isabel’, available for your viewing pleasure above.

The song comes from 2009’s ‘Poetry For The Deed’, but to see the song in action make sure you catch the British singer on his current UK tour.

Watch Gerard Way In New Music Video

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way makes an appearance in the video for Japanese Rock Legend Kyosuke Himuro’s new song ‘Safe and Sound’.

The track featuring the New Jersey native was discovered as a surprise online last month, with no mention of the collaboration from Himuro or Way. It is set to be featured on the alternative ending of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, when it is rereleased this month. The video features Gerard singing a verse and chorus and being shown onscreen more than the entire backing band put together. You can download the song as of now from the Itunes store.

In other My Chemical Romance news, the band have announced that they will be playing Japan’s Summer Sonic festival this summer, alongside Linkin Park. MCR have also posted photos of themselves on their official website, showing them working in the studio. The band are currently working on their fourth studio album and the follow-up to 2006’s critically-acclaimed ‘The Black Parade’, rumoured to be released before the end of the year.

Are you a fan of the song?

Watch Placebo’s New Video “For What It’s Worth” Here

Placebo have premiered the new video for their latest single “For What It’s Worth” to the online world. The single comes from the bands hotly-anticipated sixth studio album, “Battle For The Sun” which is penned for a June 8th release.

On first listen we’re completely blown away. The single manages to sound distinctly Placebo-esque whilst still packing a harder, sharper rock and roll edge that we’re very grateful for. Recently many fans have raised concerns for the future of “The Battle For The Sun“, which will mark the first album to feature new drummer Steve Forrest, replacing Steve Hewitt who left in 2007. We’re hoping that now after hearing the new single, Placebo fans share our optimism for the new album, which has left us begging for more. And hey, even if you agree with our appraisal then throw us a comment!
In other Placebo news, the trio have already announced a brief UK tour in support of their Reading and Leeds festival appearances, aswell as releasing the full tracklisting for the upcoming album. For the full story, head on over to our  Original Post.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Commericals Online

The big wigs at Activision have just released new commericals for their latest guitar hero subjects, Thrash-legends Metallica.

The ads are there to promote the new game which was released in the US yesterday and which unfortunately won’t be out in Europe until May. Consisting of 28 songs of head-banging goodness from Metallica, along with 21 tracks from some of their friends, including Slayer, Alice In Chains, System Of  A Down and recent tour-buddies The Sword the game is set to be the loudest edition of GH ever made.

The newly-released commericals feature a few famous NCAA coaches, who to us Brits probably won’t be name-dropping worthy, but still  Roy Williams, Rick Pitino,  Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight feature with the Metallica men. Check the second vid out below.

Well worth a look, if not entirely for James Hetfield’s stab at the world’s best on-screen dialogue, “put on some pants, pops.” Poor Rob doesn’t even get a line, he does get to look impossibly mean though.

Duff McKagan’s Loaded “Flatline” Video

The brand-spanking new video for “Flatline”, the latest single from Duff McKagan’s Loaded is making its way through the world wide web- and yes that square thing above is in fact the video itself.

Flatline” is the first single from “Sick“, the band’s first studio album in 8 years, to be released on 7th April.
When asked about the new album, the ex Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver man said to The Pulse Of Radio: “We’ve never written songs to, you know, get played on the radio, but this record happens to be pretty damn radio friendly”.

Radio Friendly eh? Well that’s a very loaded word (forgive the completely awful pun…) isn’t it? By the sounds of “Flatline” though, radio-friendly is something we can grow to enjoy, a fucking lot.

Watch The New Metallica Video Here!

Bay Area Thrash legends Metallica have released the video for new single “Broken, Beat and Scarred” The band had this to say on the videos release:

“We’re having so much fun out on the road that we thought, hey, why not film it for the video of our next single? So we invited our good friend Wayne Isham and his crew to join us for a few shows in California in December of 2008 . . . Ontario and Fresno to be exact. We go way back with Wayne (several vids from the “Black” album up through “Frantic” and the “Cunning Stunts” DVD) and as always, Wayne rocked it!”

 It’s a stunner of a clip and here at Fancore we’ve got your back, so if you haven’t already then click on the video above and treat yourself to some thrash armageddon!