Blink 182 Team up With Doritos For Virtual Show


As previously reported HERE, pop-punk megastars Blink 182 posted cryptic photos back in April showing the trio performing in front of a green screen.

Yesterday bassist Mark Hoppus revealed that the band were actually recording a free virtual show with Outkast’s Big Boi that will be available online on 6th July. After the words “free” “blink” and “concert” were used in the same sentence, unsurprisingly the first 500 advance tickets sold out within the first hour, possibly being sped along by Hoppus posting this update on his official Twitter: ‘remember that green screen stuff a little bit ago? blink-182. onstage. free. check it out HERE.”

According to the ticketmaster website, tickets can still become available by buying a packet of the special Doritos on the day of the show. Details are still currently a little hazy, but due to the website stating that a webcam is required it seems that the green screen will be filled with the happy faces of the ‘audience’. Unfortunately we believe this is currently just available to those in the US, more as we get it.

What do you think on this particular piece of marketing genius? We bet the people at Doritos are sitting on a pile of cash rubbing their bellies and chowing down on solid gold doritos, or at least we hope they are…


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