Slayer to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Thrash gods Slayer will be shredding shit up on Wednesday 4 November’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! The band will be promoting the upcoming release of “World Painted Blood”, is out  the day before on American Recordings.

Dave Mustaine vows to make it into the Hall of Fame


Megadeth frontman/physical embodiment Dave Mustaine has vowed: “I’ll be in the Hall Of Fame one way or the other”, aswell as speaking out on many other subjects including the direction of his band’s new album and his conversations with Metallica‘s mercurial sticksman Lars Ulrich.

The troubled Thrasher sounded remarkably comfortable in his own skin talking to HeadbangersBlog,  saying “I love the new record. It’s more along the lines of the middle of ‘Rust In Peace’ and middle of ‘Countdown To Extinction’. It’s definitely the conclusion of ‘United Abominations’, if not one up on it.” With those three albums numbering among the best not just in the Deth‘s career, but in metal history, it bodes well for their latest opus.

Speaking of his one time bandmate/long time thorn-in-the-side, Lars Ulrich he said: “I was just talking to Ulrich the other day on the phone, and asking me to go to  Hall Of Fame— and although we have differing opinions on what person should be inducted for it or not, it didn’t turn out that he felt that I should be inducted, so I passed — but I talked to him.”

You can hear more Mustaine (than you can handle! YEAH!) at

New Batch Of Bands Join Download
March 24, 2009, 12:30 pm
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You may look at that list, some of you might wet your pants a little over Duff McKagan, fucking-weird-core Dir En Grey fans might rejoice, whatever your bag i’m sure those additions aren’t too bad…until. Yes, that does say You Me At Six. YOU ME AT SIX?! Are you fucking serious?

We are all for having pop-punk at download, give us less than jake, the offspring, bowling for soup, NOFX anyday. We’ll wear our cut off jeans and get the shit kicked out of us from Slipknot fans and everything. And we’ll be happy.

But YOU ME AT SIX? They’re not even pop-punk, they’re this year’s Busted or McFly or -insert tweeny pop band here-.
How are they to be allowed near Def Leppard? Has anyone even told WhiteSnake? This is a travesty, denying the world of a punk band that would actually enhance the bill and not shit all over it.


The festival, taking place in Donington park from 12-14 June already has headliners, Faith No More, Slipknot and Def Leppard confirmed.

Metro Station- Potentially The Worst Album of 2009
March 23, 2009, 3:37 pm
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Tween-heroes Metro Station’s have recently attracted a lot of attention, making a few ‘bands to look out for this year’ lists. The hype could possibly be to do with the world’s current boner over synth-pop or maybe it could be what we call the Hannah Montana Factor. Yes, Trace Cyrus is the ‘super hard’ brother of current tween wet dream Miley Cyrus. And although the band are proclaiming to aim for an audience that’s a little older, the album can surely only be aimed at the pre-tweens that are currently turning Miley Cyrus into a superpower.

From the look of Trace Cyrus’s mean face on Myspace you expect him to sound like Oli Sykes, all scowls, piercings and sleeve tattoos. It’s a wonder then that what you actually hear is lots of pain-stakingly generic synths tacked onto embarrassingly weak lyrics. Trace doesn’t so much growl as emit a high whimper. “I know you’re dying to take off your clothes”, Oh STFU.

The shallower than a kiddies pool lyrics of Control -“I’m coming down/Bring me up/Take it off/Let’s just touch”,- (Insightful eh?) is just an example of the clearly overt attempt to get pre-teens to engage in underage sexual activites. “I know you’re dying to take off your clothes”, isn’t exactly subtle is it?

Aiming at catchy choruses, they’re a prime example of another band that has jumped onto the current pop-disco band wagon. Whereas bands like You Me At Six, make derivative pop music that masks itself as being rock; Metro Station are purely a pop outfit. Despite mis-guided likenings to Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco, fans looking for the same sophisticated lyrics and any sort of depth in Metro Station will surely be disappointed.

The most positive thing I can say about the band, is that the backing synth of  the patheticly whiny single ‘Kelsey’ sounds suspiciously like that Hilltop level of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 from the immortal Sega Megadrive. I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard Sonic and Tails jumping in the background, or maybe they edited that bit out.

Posing as an synth-pop outfit, Metro Station have no idea what they want to be. No actually, they do have an idea- they want to be everything. Emo? Pop? Electro? Clearly all they want to do is make you run out to your nearest disco and, ahem, “shake it, shake shake shake it”.

Aiming for the High School Pre-School tweenies is definitely a right move, because surely anyone over 13 wouldn’t buy into this?

Next Big Thing? Possibly, in the current musical world bands like this are sure to milk the trends until the audience’s pocket money is all gone. But thankfully, it’ll only be a matter of time until the next trend rolls in and we can get back to finding bands that are really worth being hyped as the next big thing in music.

24 is Plenty Poor During Season Four (RHYME!)
March 13, 2009, 2:48 pm
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While Fancore is behind the times with its Jack Bauer watching, we here have been enthralled by the first 3 seasons of everyone’s favourite counter-terrorismfest. From the suave casanova that is Tony Almeida to the saddening end of George Mason, through the booming voice of President Palmer to Jack rescuing his daughter every 5 minutes, seasons 1-3 had it all.


And then came Season 4.


And it’s shit. Fancore is only two episodes in but the producers have taken away every single recognisable character except for Jack (duh) and Chloe (duck) and replaced them with a crack team of bland nobodies trying to prevent a terrorist threat that Tony could have shut down in 30 seconds and still had time to ruffle his gorgeous hair.

As well as hitting your eyebuds with the hot and the not of music alternatism, we will also occassionally moan about crap like this. Fancore will keep you updated on it’s thoughts of a season you all saw long ago. Don’t give it away now kids 😉