Video: A Day To Remember- I’m Made Of Wax Larry…

On the back of their incredible UK tour, pop punk/hardcore mob A Day To Remember have released the video for upcoming single, ‘I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Aside from being one of the best songs off 2009’s epic ‘Homesick‘ the video features cheerleaders, kick ball, synchronised headbanging and even a child being subjected to a chokeslam,  the latter possibly being the definition of ‘Awesome’.

So no excuses, the video is above for you to feast your hungry eyes upon. For those who didn’t catch ADTR along with Architects and Your Demise, we won’t rub it in too much but make sure you don’t miss the band on their next visit.

Lemmy and Dave Lombardo cover Stand By Me


Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister and iconic Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo have teamed up to cover Ben E King’s soul classic Stand By Me. The two metal legends perform a remarkably faithful take on the heartfelt song, which can be heard HERE.

The track is part of the soundtrack for skater Geoff Rowley’s new film “Extremely Sorry”, the third in the “Sorry” skate video trilogy.

The groundbreaking soundtrack is being produced by noted UK producer Baron, and features collaborations with Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Jim Lindberg, Early Man and Black Mountain. Fancore will be reviewing the album soon, so stay tuned.

iwrestledabearonce release video for “You Ain’t No Family”


Progressive Metalcore nutcases iwrestledabearonce have released a new video for single “You Ain’t No Family” You can view the clip HERE. The track is the first to be released off new album “It’s All Happening”, which is available now.

More rare KISS footage surfaces

 creatures kiss

More unseen footage of The Hottest Band in the World; KISS, has surfaced. You may remember we brought you the story of rare Elder-era footage surfacing in support of a series of KISS memorabilia auctions. If you don’t remember then catch-up to the rest of the world HERE

Once again the footage has been released by eBayer eliteworks in support of more exciting KISS auctions, including letters signed by Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. The videos include a “Creatures of the Night”-era news piece and two more gems plucked from the “Music From the Elder” press junket. Check out the clips ON YOUTUBE.

Enter Shikari Post “Juggernaughts” Official Video

The UK’s answer to Dance-core, Enter Shikari have posted their new video for upcoming single, “Juggernaughts” on their official Youtube. The single is to released on June 1st, ahead of their massively-hyped sophomore album ‘Common Dreads’ which is dropping on 15th June.

The video features Rou Reynolds and the boys in some sort of desert (or more aptly a nicely painted wall with some cacti on it), being tied to stakes and generally frolicing in the sand. You can check the video in all its glory at the top of the post.

Is the new song getting you pumped for ‘Common Dreads’?

Slipknot to premiere new video for ‘Sulfur’ on Saturday
April 17, 2009, 3:31 pm
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Iowan crushers Slipknot have announced that they will premiere their latest video, for new single ‘Sulfur’ on . The video will be available on the site from 5:00pm on Saturday 18th April.

‘Sulfur’ is available as a digital-download single right now from your usual online music stockists.

Fall Out Boy Frontman’s Movie Trailer Online

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has treated FOB fangirls/boys everywhere by posting the first trailer of his upcoming film, “Moustachette” online.

The film, also starring fellow bandmate and limelight-stealer Pete Wentz, is Patrick’s first foray into filmmaking and as well as starring the singer, was also written and directed by Stump himself.Although the trailer doesn’t give too much away, it seems that Patrick Stump plays the movie’s protagonist Eugene Arlington– a tuba player in an Oklahoma pop-trio, whilst Pete Wentz plays Travis Pullman who seems to be an ice-cream fanatic of dreams of opening his own chain…interesting.
Moustachette” is yet have an official release date, but if every Fall Out Boy fan paid a dollar to get in i’m sure it’ll make it to the box office someday.

The film’s official website, describes the plot as: “A tale of love, art, and wading through all of life’s bullshit.”

Intrigued? So are we… Check the official website for cast bios and an insightful little blog.