You Me At Six Butcher Fall Out Boy Song

UK sickly-sweet popstars You Me At Six have attempted to cover Fall Out Boy’s hugely popular single ‘Sugar We’re Goin’ Down’ from 2005’s ‘From Under The Cork Tree’.

You can hear the god-awful b-side on their upcoming single ‘Finders Keepers’, or if you don’t want to waste your hard earned cash you can listen above. To be completely biased, it sounds like a disaster, but coming from someone who thinks the world’s obsession with the ‘band’ is a farce in itself they were never going to win us over. I think it’s his voice to be honest.

If anyone wants to protest and tell us what you see in them then feel free. What do you think of the cover? Good or shite?


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haha, they ruined that song. The drum intro which lasts for around 5 seconds was the best bit of the whole song (excluding part where it stops at the end)

Comment by Ollie

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