Mark Hoppus Talks Blink 182 New “Video”

One third of the recently reformed heroes of pop-punk, Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus has spoken to MTV news about the band’s new video shoot. The update comes after the bassist/vocalist posted images that showed the trio performing in front of a green screen.

On his official blog, the rock-star turned producer posted this image, under the header “This is how I spent my Thursday”:

Under the photo were the words:
“I can’t say anything about this yet, but keep your eyes open.”

Suffice to say the images literally sent internet forums into overload, with fingers manically typing on keyboards around the world. Due to the mysterious nature of the post, Hoppus dropped MTV an email to clear a few things up:

“It’s definitely not what it seems to be. It’s not really a music video shoot, and it’s not really a movie shoot, it’s something that no other band has done, and the technology behind it is ridiculous. I don’t even know how to explain it.”

Hmm, how mysterious! Any ideas on what you think it could be? Our eyes are now officially open, wide open in fact. There are very few details on what Blink 182 have planned, from various Twitter posts it looks like the band have been rehearsing a number of songs from their back catalogue, aswell as working on new songs from an as of yet unknown new album, vaguely penciled in for Summer 2009.

And now to add to the fanfare is a new something or other that will show Blink 182 performing together, news on what it is and when you can lay your eyes on it will be provided as soon as we know.


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