Pete Wentz: “Folie A Deux” could be FOB’s last album


The most vocal member of Fall Out Boy, bassist mainman Pete Wentz has sent the forums and hearts of fangirls around the world into near breakdown by hinting that the end of FOB may be nigh.

Whilst chatting to fans through his official Twitter, Wentz dropped the bombshell by refusing to comment on when we can expect the new Fall Out Boy album, describing 2008’s Folie A Deux as the band’s “possible Swan Song”.

The Question posed and Wentz’ answer can be viewed below:

“Q: Can we expect a new FOB CD next year?
A: I’m not sure. This may be the swan song. But we might have another in us. We’ll see.”So what do you think? Are you surprised as this revelation? Do you think it’s just a random comment that will lead to nothing, or does this predict the end of  the much-loved pop-punk quartet.

UPDATE: In an email to Wentz has today (23rd June) assured fans that the future of the band is still solid what sounds awfully like his attempt to backtrack.
When asked if his comments were meant to imply the end of Fall Out Boy he said: “No, we’re not calling it quits, but [we’ve got] no future album plans right now. We can’t quit, we’re waiting to get fired.”


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ok that was scary

Comment by Abby

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