Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy” Full-Length Video Online!


Green Day have posted the official video for new single “Know Your Enemy” online for your viewing appraisal.  Taking a step back from the over-blown epics that were the American Idiot single videos, this pop-punk/power-pop nugget is simply 3 minutes of Green Day playing on some sort of heavily guarded roof-top.

The single comes from heavily anticipated new album, 21st Century Breakdown which will be released worldwide on 15th May, with the current single being available from Itunes as we speak.
The good people at have the world exclusive of the new vid if you want to head on down and have a look for yourselves. We’re thinking that “Know Your Enemy” is one of those things in life that grows on you over-time like a good wine or mould. Whatever our first opinion you can be sure that the chorus will be successfully lodged in our heads for the next few days. We think the Green Day team should consider it a success, seeing as the world is going absolutely GD nuts at the moment. Give it a few days before the video is on every music channel/website/face of a small child all around the world.

So what do you think? Are you impressed with the single and the new sound of Green Day?


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[…] Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy” Full-Length Video Online! […]

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