Pete Wentz Performs With Vanilla Ice at VMAs


Fall Out Boy mainman Pete Wentz has continued his bid to take over the world last night with an earth-shattering performance of “Ice Ice Baby” with 90s rap failure Vanilla Ice. The mash-up took place at the Australian VMAs, where Wentz and the hired help Fall Out Boy picked up the Best Rock Video award.

If you check out the field of entries, it’s not hard to see why they took home the Moon Man award with competition in the field being sickeningly indie-tastic with the bland Kings Of Leon, the irritating 80s wannabes The Killers, the generic overlords Kaiser Chiefs and the Cannibal Corpse-heavy Paramore. Okay so the last one was a stretch, but compared to the NME-esque other contestants they certainly pack more of a crunch. 

To think that AC/DC didn’t even get a nom over this scenester barbeque in their home country shows that MTV thinks rock is more about fashion than fretboards. At least the right band won.


Note: If anyone has footage of the Ice/Wentz performance, hit us up and you’ll get full Fancore credit!


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