Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Alice Cooper and Slayer for Sonisphere 2010

After bagging ‘Best New Festival’ at the annual festival awards, Sonisphere have announced that the festival will be returning for 2010, extending to a three day event and boasting a mighty impressive line up.

Iron Maiden and Rammstein are confirmed as headliners for the Knebworth festival, with Alice Cooper, Slayer, Anthrax, Iggy and The Stooges, The Cult and Motley Crue also on the bill. With Metallica announcing a headline slot for Sonisphere in Poland, the thrash legends are heavily rumoured to be the third headliner for the UK dates.

The full statement from the festival organisers is as follows:

“Alice Cooper, Anthrax, The Cult, Iggy & The Stooges and Slayer will be making their only UK festival appearances at Sonisphere whilst Motley Crue will perform their only UK show of 2010.Tickets are currently on sale. Other bands heavily rumoured have ranged from Heaven and Hell to Foo Fighters, keep up to date with all your festivals here at FANCORE. Will you be buying tickets?

Slayer will make their welcome return to a festival stage in the UK after a three year absence at Knebworth with fellow ‘big four’ thrash kings Anthrax returning with John Bush back in the fold.

Guitarist Scott Ian says: “God-damn we couldn’t be more thrilled about being a part of Sonisphere 2010!!!! We are still buzzing from our insane show at Knebworth last summer and are drooling over the fact that we are a part of this history making festival!! What an amazing Xmas present for Anthrax and our fans. See you all very soon!!”

Flying in from LA for their only UK show of 2010, Motley Crue will be bringing with them their sleaze-drenched rock with The Cult also making an exclusive UK festival appearance and having marked England’s place on the global rock map, they remain one of the few UK hard-rock bands to have truly broken in the US. Talking of legends, Iggy & The Stooges are also sure to make their presence felt at Knebworth this summer!

Sonisphere is set to be an even bigger monster in 2010, with the extra day of music added. Friday 30th July will see the festivities getting started with a Rocky Horror Show theme, and Alice Cooper – the godfather of theatrical rock – suitably closing the evening on the Saturn stage at his only UK festival performance of 2010.

Fancy dress is expected and encouraged. In addition to the acts on Saturn, there will be bands performing on two tented stages from 6pm until 11pm.

Regular campers will have access to the campsite from 12pm on the Friday, but for a mere £5, the festival campsite will open for early campers at 3pm on Thursday 29th July, with Bohemia village open from 6pm Thursday right through until 3am Sunday morning, for non-stop fun with white knuckle rides, dodgems, arcades, comedy, massage, bars, market stalls, and cafes to chill out in.

There is much more to come with dozens more bands to be announced in the new year – metal, rock, hardcore, thrash, classic, indie, punk, you name it, Sonisphere will have it. From well-established rock icons to the hottest new names, if they rock and are worth seeing, they will be playing at Knebworth.”

Who wants their Fancore back?

‘Ello stranger! No we aren’t dead, yes we still like music and okay, fine we’ll keep writing about it for your pleasure. Where have we been? Well myself and Harley nodded off in a drunken stupor after Sonisphere and have woke up to find the site hasn’t been updated.

So screw it, we’re back and over the coming weeks and months we will be bringing hot shit such as a review of the new KISS album: Sonic Boom, an on-the-scene report from Enter Shikari levelling the Birmingham Academy and in November, a full 3-day rundown of the Hellfire Festival. We’ll also be the first and only place you need to be for the best rock, metal and punk news. Wanna read about AC/DC without skimming through the Kings of Leon articles? Then step through the doors my friends.

Fancore is back, and the revolution won’t be televised, but it will be blogged about.

All the best

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Machine Head Pull Out Of Sonisphere Due To Limp Bizkit

machine head

If you’ve been following the fate of the UK leg of Sonisphere Festival, you’ll know that they haven’t had the best luck with bands recently. Adding to the ranks of Thin Lizzy, Fear Factory and Frank Turner, metallers Machine Head are the latest to split from the festival…unbelievably the only reason being citing is Limp Bizkit’s recent addition to the bill.

Machine Head broke the news to fans via their official website, stating: 

“In a turn of events that has left us absolutely baffled, the promoter of the U.K. Sonisphere festival recently placed, unbeknownst to us, Limp Bizkit in our third slot on the festival. Seeing as the running order was a significant part of the negotiation and agreement between us and the promoter, and the fact that we had been advertised in that slot since the festival’s announcement, you can imagine our surprise when we were ‘told’ that we would now be playing in the fourth slot, under Limp Bizkit, and bizarrely, it was actually expected that we would quietly move down the bill without issue. We will not.”

MH also noted that they had turned down an appearance at Download Festival to honour their commitment to Sonisphere, (as well as making it clear that Download had them playing above Limp Bizkit). We’re sure everyone is pretty disappointed as ultimately the only people missing out are the fans. We’ll leave our opinions out of this but needless to say we’re sure everyone would have preferred for both bands to play and let their music prove who should be playing over who…

Sonisphere have also posted a statement, detailing their best efforts to keep Machine Head happy and on the bill:

“We have spent close to two weeks talking to Machine Head to try and keep them on the festival including offering them higher billing on the Saturn Stage, so that they would be performing immediately after Limp Bizkit and before NIN.

They would also get a longer time slot and were offered an increase in fee. Unfortunately the band did not find this agreeable. We have strived to make Sonisphere a great festival in our debut year with one of the strongest line ups out there. Our main priority is to give the fans a great weekend full of awesome bands and it was only recently that Limp Bizkit became available. In the process Machine Head have been upset, and despite our best efforts, they have made the decision to cancel their appearance.”

Machine Head are still set to play the Spanish leg of Sonisphere Festival, where they have been now moved to the main stage. Where you looking forward to seeing them play? We hope Bizkit‘s set more than makes up for the absence and if Download’s performance is anything to go by, they will be one of the best on the bill.

Fear Factory cancel Sonisphere reunion

 Legendary Metallers Fear Factory have had to sadly pull out of the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, UK. This incarnation of the band would have reunited vocalist Burton C Bell with guitarist Dino Cazares with the band completed by legendary ex-Testament and Death drummer Gene Hoglan and Fear Factory’s current bassist Byron Stroud.

However legal wranglings have ensued over the use of the name, as Bell and Stroud are the only ones entitled legally to use the name, along with pre-reunion guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers and drummer Raymond Herrera.

Sonisphere had this to say on their official Twitter page:

“Good news is that we have an extra main stage band to announce. Bad news Fear Factory just pulled out (no that is not a euphemism)”

More on this story as we get it.

INTERVEW: Frank Turner “People Who Are Bitter Because I’m No Longer Their Little Secret Can Fuck Right Off”


After a 2008 that took him further than any folker on the planet, 2009 sees Frank Turner on the cusp of international success with an Epitaph deal in the bag and a tour with punk legends, The Offspring. FANCORE catches up with Frank to talk about the new album, the real reason he left Sonisphere and what it means to be a punk in 2009.

What can we expect in terms of content from the new Frank Turner album?

Frank: For me, the first album was about the hole at the middle of the party, the dichotomy between hedonism and loneliness. Love Ire & Song was about distance and relationships. The new record is about throwing caution to the wind, strategies for not giving up as you get older. I think it’s probably a more positive record than its predecessors. But it’s not radically different.

You’ve said that the new album is almost 75% complete, will it still be out by this September?

 Frank: Yup and we might even be moving it forward a little. It’s now fully rehearsed and next week we go into the studio, as a band, to lay it down. We did a quick residency of shows in Oxford to try out the material live, which went really well.

Has there been any major influences on your song writing, either musically or personally that have affected the current record?

 Frank: The events of the last couple of years have made a difference – that’s probably why it’s a more positive, upbeat record, (laughs). Musically, I’ve been more into the E Street Band than before, and I’ve also been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan of late. Working with the band has also changed things a little.

 How has writing with the band affected the new record?

 Frank: It’s made a huge difference to the arrangements. I’m a pretty average keyboardist; having Matt Nasir work on the parts means that the keys can take a more prominent role.

 How do you address criticism you gain from moving from underground gigs to playing much bigger shows?

 Frank: I address it by baring my skinny English arse. I am the only person I need to justify my business /“career” decisions to, and believe me I spend a lot of time doing that. The illiterate opinions of teenagers on the internet are of no interest to me.People who are bitter because I’m no longer their little secret can fuck right off.

 Do you still think it’s important to continue to play to smaller audiences?

  Frank:I think it’s important to put on the show of your life, regardless of where you are, every time.

 What does being a folk artist in 2009 mean to you?

  Frank: Folk is less of an ego orientated scene, which I like. It’s community music. I like the idea that I can play a show anywhere in the world any time as long as someone has a guitar.

 What are your views on the current music scene and do you think that the tide will turn back to more meaningful messages in punk? 

  Frank: I don’t really know or care what punk means, musically speaking. It’s an argument which has wasted countless man-hours in the past. The grime scene in the UK a few years back was a million times more “punk” than anything with mohawks. As for any current music scene, well, there are some cool bands around right now, I hope they do well.

 Do you feel that an artist has to dilute their message in order to gain mainstream acceptance?

  Frank: Not necessarily. Look at Rage Against The Machine, or hell, Morrissey. I think sometimes people use that as an excuse to take a shortcut. For me, doing what I do wouldn’t be much fun if I wasn’t in creative control, so it’s not really an issue.

 There has been no official statement on why you had to cancel your Sonisphere appearance; can you shed any light on why you have had to pull out?

  Frank: Ugh, industry politics. I’m not 100% sure what I’m allowed to say about this, but basically there was an ego piss-war between some industry big-wigs, and I took the fallout. It sucks. Not much I can do about it though.

 You’ve said before that you consider punk to be a youth movement; do you think as you get older you’ll have less to sing about?

  Frank: People who only sing about anger get very, very dull very quickly. I think you get angry in different ways as you get older; I certainly don’t think many of my friends would say I was less angry now than when I was younger, just about different things. Punk is a youth movement, when it has meaning and is worthwhile.

 Now that you’ve realised an ambition in signing to Epitaph, are there any more career goals that you have to achieve before you’re done?

  Frank: I could list stuff like wanting to play certain venues or whatever, but in n reality my main aim is to write better music. I believe I have better stuff in me than I’ve been able to get out. So I’m going to focus on that.

Frank Turner: “Industry Politics Made Me Cancel Sonisphere Show”

 In an exclusive interview with FANCORE, Frank Turner has revealed that the reason he has pulled out of his Sonisphere Festival appearance in the UK is due to “Industry politics”.

Despite the folk/punk singer only being announced for the festival less than a month ago his departure from the bill has been mysteriously quiet. As previously reported, the news was broken with Frank’s name being stricken from the official line-up poster and a rather ambiguous messgae was posted above Turner’s name on the Sonisphere website, reading: “Unfortunately Frank Turner has had to pull out of Sonisphere due to circumstances beyond our control.”

Speaking to FANCORE, Frank has shed a little more light on the situation, saying: Oh, It’s just industry politics. I’m not 100% sure what I’m allowed to say about this, but basically there was an ego piss-war between some industry big-wigs, and I took the fallout. It sucks. Not much I can do about it though.”

Any ideas on who the ‘industry big-wigs’ could be? Regardless of whoever caused the mess, you can catch the UK singer/guitarist either on the road with The Offspring or see him on home soil when he returns later in the year. In Sonisphere news, the festival has just announced third stage details, to be headlined by Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Shawn ‘The Clown’ Crahan’s band ‘Dirty Little Rabbits’. The have also announced a cinema, extreme sports shows and a plethora of other entertaining events to keep you busy before Metallica. Read all about it HERE.

Check out the rest of Frank Turner’s interview in the first print issue of FANCORE, coming to you at the end of the month.

Sonisphere Announce Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Third Stage Details

Sonisphere have unveiled a brand new third stage for the Knebworth-based festival, boasting debut UK performances from Slipknot members, a batch of new bands, a comedy stage and even a cinema.

‘Bohemia Village’ will be open on Thursday afternoon, available to all Sonisphere ticket holders and continuing into the wee hours of the morning. The third stage will be headlined by Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, aswell as ‘Knot Clown Shawn Crahan’s side project, Dirty Little Rabbits. More bands confirmed for Bohemia include Cancer Bats, Attack! Attack!, Rolo Tomassi, The Ataris and The Chapman Family.

Sonisphere have confirmed that all acts on the third stage will not conflict musically with any bands playing on the main stages, meaning you can squeeze in Corey Taylor before watching Metallica headline. Aswell as the new acts, Sonisphere have announced that Bohemia will include a ‘fairground of the damned’, a cinema playing ‘rock-friendly films’ aswell as a Jagermeister Rock Karaoke. If that wasn’t enough, throughout the day the village will host the Monster Energy Drink Ball Of Steel Stunt Show featuring motorcycle freestyling and if extreme sports isn’t your bag a plethora of comedy acts have been added to keep you laughing your hangover off.

Bohemia will also house the previously mentioned Guitar Hero: Metallica Experience which will give all you wannabes a chance to perform on Sonisphere’s main stage and emulate Metal monsters James, Kirk, Lars and Rob (and Jason Newsted).

Speaking to the official website, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor said he is “very excited to be a part of this festival. It’ll be the first show of its kind I’ve ever done in the UK, and I think there are many fans who’ve waited long enough to see it.”

The planners are definitely attempting to make Sonisphere more than just a bunch of bands on a stage, has this ‘Moulin Rouge meets Mad Max’ type extravaganza lured you into getting a ticket?