Paul Stanley: “Crazy Nights” Will Be In Sonic Boom Tour Set

In an interview with, KISS frontman Paul Stanley has said that some of the band’s 80s and 90s back catalogue will be making its way into the upcoming Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour Set.

That noise you can hear is the sound of the KISS Army collectively dancing in celebration.

“Q: How about the 80/90’s material. There are lots of fans in Europe who are huge fans of the eighties and nineties KISS material. Will there be songs included from that period as well?

A: I’m sure “Crazy Nights” will be in the set and “God Gave Rock & Roll to You”. It’s really hard to cover everything from the beginning. So it means we have to leave out some songs. We can’t just keep adding songs. It’s great when people say “how about doing this one or that one” so ok then, what will be taken out of the show then?”

To read the full interview with the Starchild, visit

All at FANCORE our already pumping our fists in triumph at the possibility of hearing ‘Crazy Nights’ or ‘God Gave Rock & Roll To You’, but what about the rest of you? Do you want those in the setlist or do you have other ideas?

Album Reviews: KISS-Sonic Boom


by Mr J

Anyone with a pair of ears, and a passion for rock will have heard KISS’ company line on Sonic Boom. For what seems like centuries, self-styled bass-demon Gene Simmons and velvet-voiced love-marksman Paul Stanley have extolled the “meat and potatoes” style of the upcoming album, boasting about it’s natural place in the pantheon of past glories Love Gun and Rock And Roll Over. Well paint me white and call me a Catman because the aging pyrotechnic-enthusiasts have pulled it off.


The newly-refurbished KISS juggernaut rolls into view with Modern Day Delilah. The stomping opener removes any doubt that the band would be forgoing modern bells and whistles, with not a hint of a vocoder disrupting Stanley’s trademark wail. Classic Paul bleeds effortlessly into classic Gene, with Russian Roulette featuring a godzilla-scaled chorus and bombastic if somewhat childish lyrics.


It is in this impressive vein that the album continues.  Not everything meets the high watermark, Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect) is a serviceable but forgettable mid-pacer for example, but for a band whose form fluctuated so violently during their patchy 1980s run, this release is laudably consistent.


Never Enough is the finest song this band have written since the Revenge album seventeen years ago, a flawless ode to not being held down. The ideal soundtrack to those days spent clicking your pen and wanting to smack your boss and/or lecturer. I’m an Animal sees Simmons milk his Demon character for all it’s considerable worth with a metal-plated cut that sits comfortably in the God of Thunder/Unholy lexicon.


In the grandest KISS tradition, it isn’t just the Demon and the Starchild who step up to the microphone. On All for the Glory, drummer and current Catman Eric Singer turns in a driving rocker, his throaty croon adds an earthier shade to the band’s sound. Meanwhile lead guitarist and studio album debutant Tommy Thayer quietens the whispers accusing him of being simply a hired gun (or axe as the case may be) with an impressive effort. Evoking the 80s glam metal scene of which his own Black ‘N’ Blue were a part, When Lightning Strikes is a creditable piece.


There is only one way to end a KISS album, and that is with an Optimus Prime-sized anthem, in this case Say Yeah. Say yeah? If KISS are your bag you’ll be screaming it. If they aren’t, this album isn’t going to change your mind. If you’re the latter, take solace that it won’t be long before Gene Simmons endorses some earplugs.

Who wants their Fancore back?

‘Ello stranger! No we aren’t dead, yes we still like music and okay, fine we’ll keep writing about it for your pleasure. Where have we been? Well myself and Harley nodded off in a drunken stupor after Sonisphere and have woke up to find the site hasn’t been updated.

So screw it, we’re back and over the coming weeks and months we will be bringing hot shit such as a review of the new KISS album: Sonic Boom, an on-the-scene report from Enter Shikari levelling the Birmingham Academy and in November, a full 3-day rundown of the Hellfire Festival. We’ll also be the first and only place you need to be for the best rock, metal and punk news. Wanna read about AC/DC without skimming through the Kings of Leon articles? Then step through the doors my friends.

Fancore is back, and the revolution won’t be televised, but it will be blogged about.

All the best

Mr J.

KISS Unveil New Kostumes

Kiss Kostumes

The Hottest Band In The World, KISS, have posted the first promo shot of the band’s newly designed costumes.

The new costumes mark the band’s latest era, coinciding with the eagerly anticipated new album, Sonic Boom which unless you’ve been living underground for the past year, you will be well aware is the first release of new material in over a decade and can be yours from October 5th.

KISS will be rocking their updated threads on the current World Alive/35 tour which is making its way across the USA all the way into late December. For dates and to listen to the first single, ‘Modern Day Delilah’, head onto

Thoughts on the new costumes? We have to say that the small tweaks are a pleasant surprise, with Tommy Thayer’s lightning pants being particularly snazzy.

Ace Frehley announces “Anomaly” release date


ex-KISS guitarist/Rock legend Ace Frehley has nailed down a release date for his long-awaited new album entitled “AnomalySpace Ace’s new record will be released on September 15th. Frehley recently explained the direction the album would be taking to Billboard saying :

“Basically, I’m trying to get back into the mindset I was in when I did my first solo record [1978’s ‘Ace Frehley’]. That record seemed to have all the elements everybody liked — a real cool instrumental, a hit single, some real heavy rockers, a nice variety of different genres of music”

As devoted KISS army soldiers, we here at Fancore can’t wait to hear what Ace can come up with on the new record. And with his former band’s new opus also set to drop in September, it will be a fine month for us black and white paint-wearers indeed.


KISS’ Gene and Paul: the album will be ready in 3 days!


KISS frontman Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons have released some more snatches of info on the band’s first studio album in 11 years. The Starchild had this to say on Kissonline.

“We’re about four days from finishing the new KISS album. Eleven tracks, and it IS everything I’ve told you. It IS classic. It IS all written within the band. And IT ROCKS BIG TIME! Tommy and Eric both handle lead vocals. The songs, sound and playing will knock your socks off. You will all be as proud and excited as we all are. Oh…and WAIT till you see the cover! We ARE just getting started!”

Demon and reality TV star Gene added this today

headed off to the recording studio to do some vocals on the new KISS STUDIO ALBUM (we’ll tell you the title later).

Gene Simmons

Exciting stuff, this just might be Fancore’s most anticipated release of the year, tell us what you think!

More rare KISS footage surfaces

 creatures kiss

More unseen footage of The Hottest Band in the World; KISS, has surfaced. You may remember we brought you the story of rare Elder-era footage surfacing in support of a series of KISS memorabilia auctions. If you don’t remember then catch-up to the rest of the world HERE

Once again the footage has been released by eBayer eliteworks in support of more exciting KISS auctions, including letters signed by Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. The videos include a “Creatures of the Night”-era news piece and two more gems plucked from the “Music From the Elder” press junket. Check out the clips ON YOUTUBE.