Sonisphere Announce Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Third Stage Details

Sonisphere have unveiled a brand new third stage for the Knebworth-based festival, boasting debut UK performances from Slipknot members, a batch of new bands, a comedy stage and even a cinema.

‘Bohemia Village’ will be open on Thursday afternoon, available to all Sonisphere ticket holders and continuing into the wee hours of the morning. The third stage will be headlined by Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, aswell as ‘Knot Clown Shawn Crahan’s side project, Dirty Little Rabbits. More bands confirmed for Bohemia include Cancer Bats, Attack! Attack!, Rolo Tomassi, The Ataris and The Chapman Family.

Sonisphere have confirmed that all acts on the third stage will not conflict musically with any bands playing on the main stages, meaning you can squeeze in Corey Taylor before watching Metallica headline. Aswell as the new acts, Sonisphere have announced that Bohemia will include a ‘fairground of the damned’, a cinema playing ‘rock-friendly films’ aswell as a Jagermeister Rock Karaoke. If that wasn’t enough, throughout the day the village will host the Monster Energy Drink Ball Of Steel Stunt Show featuring motorcycle freestyling and if extreme sports isn’t your bag a plethora of comedy acts have been added to keep you laughing your hangover off.

Bohemia will also house the previously mentioned Guitar Hero: Metallica Experience which will give all you wannabes a chance to perform on Sonisphere’s main stage and emulate Metal monsters James, Kirk, Lars and Rob (and Jason Newsted).

Speaking to the official website, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor said he is “very excited to be a part of this festival. It’ll be the first show of its kind I’ve ever done in the UK, and I think there are many fans who’ve waited long enough to see it.”

The planners are definitely attempting to make Sonisphere more than just a bunch of bands on a stage, has this ‘Moulin Rouge meets Mad Max’ type extravaganza lured you into getting a ticket?

Sonisphere Festival And Guitar Hero: Metallica Team Up


Official Sponsors Guitar Hero: Metallica are taking over all European legs of Sonisphere Festival. Competition winners will get the chance to play the game in front of thousands on the Sonisphere main stage, and two from each country will win the ultimate prize: passes to MEET METALLICA.

The official Sonisphere website has also announced even more chances to win: “In addition, there will also be a variety of free limited edition Guitar Hero: Metallica items up for grabs, as well as after-parties featuring live DJs, on-stage Guitar Hero: Metallica dueling for prizes and celebrity face-offs, at some venues.”

 The newest edition of the Guitar Hero game features 28 songs from Metallica’s career along with 21 songs from other bands, including Sonisphere’s own Machine Head, Thin Lizzy, Alice In Chains and The Sword.

The UK legs of the Metallica and Linkin Park headlined event, will take place in Knebworth on August 1st and 2nd, for full details of the Festival click here.
For a look at the just-released commericals for the new game, featuring the Thrash-legends check out our REPORT.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Commericals Online

The big wigs at Activision have just released new commericals for their latest guitar hero subjects, Thrash-legends Metallica.

The ads are there to promote the new game which was released in the US yesterday and which unfortunately won’t be out in Europe until May. Consisting of 28 songs of head-banging goodness from Metallica, along with 21 tracks from some of their friends, including Slayer, Alice In Chains, System Of  A Down and recent tour-buddies The Sword the game is set to be the loudest edition of GH ever made.

The newly-released commericals feature a few famous NCAA coaches, who to us Brits probably won’t be name-dropping worthy, but still  Roy Williams, Rick Pitino,  Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight feature with the Metallica men. Check the second vid out below.

Well worth a look, if not entirely for James Hetfield’s stab at the world’s best on-screen dialogue, “put on some pants, pops.” Poor Rob doesn’t even get a line, he does get to look impossibly mean though.