UPDATE: Ryan & Jon Quit Panic At The Disco


In a shock announcement, founding member, guitarist and songwriter Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker have revealed that they will be leaving Panic At The Disco indefinitely. 

Reported by Decaydance and posted on, the post can be read in full below:

“To Whom This May Concern:

Ryan Ross and Jon Walker will be leaving Panic at the Disco to embark on a musical excursion of their own. Though the four of us have made music together in the past, we’ve creatively evolved in different directions which has compromised what each of us want to personally achieve. Over the years, we have remained close and honest with each other, which helped us to realize that our goals were different and that parting ways is truly what is best for each of us. We are all excited for the future, you should be too.

-Ryan & Jon

Stay posted to the Panic site for updates on Ryan and Jon’s new project, as well as a message from Brendon and Spencer who will continue on as Panic At The Disco. All touring and album plans for Panic will continue as previously announced.

 UPDATE: The aforementioned message from remaining members Brendon and Spencer has been posted on the official Panic At The Disco website an can be read below:

“We just wanted to let you know, that the news of Ryan and Jon leaving the band is unfortunately true. It’s been an amazing journey being in a band with them, but sometimes individual tastes take friends in different directions and you can’t ignore it. They are some of the most talented guys we know, and we’re sure that whatever they do next will be great. That said, Panic At The Disco is alive and very very well. We are working on new songs that we are excited for you to hear. Our dates with Blink and Fall Out Boy start in a little less than a month, and we wouldn’t miss those for the world. We know everybody has a lot of questions at this point with everything being so out of the blue, most of those should be answered in the coming weeks. We appreciate every one of you, and hope you continue with us on this incredible ride.

Pay attention we have a surprise in store for you.

-Brendon and Spencer

PS we were cleaning out the practice space and you’ll never guess what we found!”

This is bound to completely surprise and sadden fans, especially since it was only last month that Ryan Ross was speaking about Panic recording the band’s third album and their future plans. Things seem more bleak due to the fact that Ryan Ross was the main songwriter and founder of the band, leaving the fourpiece now two members down. The news that they will still make the Fall Out Boy gives us hope, aswell as the fact that from various Tweets of Pete Wentz’ official Twitter account, Wentz has confirmed there are 4 Panic demos which sound like a “natural progression from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”. Sounds good to us! Thoughts?


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