KISS’ Gene and Paul: the album will be ready in 3 days!


KISS frontman Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons have released some more snatches of info on the band’s first studio album in 11 years. The Starchild had this to say on Kissonline.

“We’re about four days from finishing the new KISS album. Eleven tracks, and it IS everything I’ve told you. It IS classic. It IS all written within the band. And IT ROCKS BIG TIME! Tommy and Eric both handle lead vocals. The songs, sound and playing will knock your socks off. You will all be as proud and excited as we all are. Oh…and WAIT till you see the cover! We ARE just getting started!”

Demon and reality TV star Gene added this today

headed off to the recording studio to do some vocals on the new KISS STUDIO ALBUM (we’ll tell you the title later).

Gene Simmons

Exciting stuff, this just might be Fancore’s most anticipated release of the year, tell us what you think!


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I wrote about this album too.


Comment by tokyo5

tokyo5 please stop self-promoting on our website. Unless you have a comment to add to the post (not, “wow look I have a very similar post too”…) it will be classed as spam and not approved for viewing.

We are happy to promote on a like for like basis but not by spamming your posts. Thanks

Comment by fancore

OK. I see. Sorry.
I certainly didn’t mean it like that. I wrote that to say that you or anyone else is interested in the upcoming KISS album, you might be interested in reading my post too.

You’re more than welcome to comment on my site.

Comment by tokyo5

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