INTERVIEW: Herts hardcore upstarts Your Demise- “hardcore for the past 5 years has been pretty uninspiring”
June 20, 2009, 3:48 pm
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your demise

New York. Boston. Hertfordshire. You may laugh, but this not-so-sunny South East county is starting to make a name for itself in Hardcore music. Local lads Enter Shikari and Gallows have both achieved national stardom and now another group is on the cusp of joining them. Your Demise have been at this game for a few years now, but after line-up changes and false-starts they have recorded their “real” debut album Ignorance Never Dies and are set to be the sound your eardrums burn to in 2009 and beyond. We sat down with Guitarist Stuart Paice and Drummer James Tailbee to find out about the next big Herts export.
For the uninitiated, what are Your Demise all about?

James Tailbee (drums): Making music we like to listen to but also like to play. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Stu Paice (guitar): Although the album is serious (laughs). We’ve always been about the same thing but with this record we were able to explore a bit more so it’s worked out a lot better. A lot more people are into it now.

 Has being on Visible Noise helped get more people into the band?

 S: Before everything was written to a sort of formula of what people that were into us liked. This time we weren’t afraid to say “Fuck it, let’s write some songs that we want to write

J: We’ve been allowed to experiment and do what we want.

S: You don’t have to worry about where the money’s coming from to pay for it. If band’s have an opportunity to get onto a label that will pay for your recording then just fucking do it!

 You’ve been quoted as saying that “Ignorance Never Dies” is your “real” debut album, why is that?

 S: It is our debut album because it’s the first time we’ve had major press. We’re in Kerrang now but we weren’t four years ago when we started. As far as everyone sees it, this is our debut.

 How did the recording of the new album go?

 J: It all just fell into place really comfortably. It couldn’t have gone much better.

S: We nailed it. The only things that were left, because we recorded the album then went on tour with Bury Your Dead, we had to go back halfway through the tour to do some gang vocals and other vocal parts. Then in January we took Sam (Carter) from Architects down there to do a song with us.

 What would you say are your main influences musically?

 J: Fundamentally I’m a Punk Rock kid. I listen to Pop-Punk, Punk Rock and electro and Stu listens to Hardcore. George (Noble, Vocalist) listens to the bloody Stone Roses!

S: I was always a Metal kid. The first two bands I got into were Guns ‘n Roses and Metallica. Then I got really into Hardcore, I mean I still love Hardcore. But Hardcore for the last five years has been very uninspiring. I’m not saying we’re the ones bringing it back, we’ve just written a good record.

 At Fancore we are all about new music and pushing up and coming talent, are there any bands you want to inform our readers of?

 J: Make sure you listen More Than Life, Deez Nuts and Lower than Atlantis who are on this tour with us.

S: Brutality Will Prevail. Run from St Albans where we’re from. Pay No Respect and Save Your Breath from Wales.

 J: Metal bands as well like Ignominious Incarceration. Pop-Punk bands like We Push Buttons. Just go to local shows, watch bands, listen to them, go check out their Myspace.

S: Continue supporting home grown bands. One thing I say to anyone is when a UK band or a UK package is touring the UK go and support them. Everyone needs to just support each other. There is this attitude that if an American band is touring over here then you should buy their t-shirts and stuff but it’s definitely a case of remembering where you are from. If you’re from the UK support the scene because there is a lot going on. And don’t fucking fight at shows you faggots! That just ruins it!

You toured with Biohazard last year, a band you’ve cited as a major influence in the past, what was that like?

 J: I’ve never been into Biohazard my entire life. Going into that tour I didn’t really know what to expect. We played the two UK shows with them and they were awesome, they were such big shows.

 J: We went into the European dates and I really had no idea what to expect but it was amazing. They were really nice dudes, they were so supportive.

S: To have Bobby Hambel and Billy Graziadei remember your name, (laughs). I was a little dickhead fanboy! They could have been real dickheads to us because who are we? They are fucking Biohazard, they don’t need to give a fuck about anyone. But they took the time to watch us. It could have been a nightmare but they were just the best and they made us feel welcome.

 Between yourselves, Enter Shikari and Gallows, do you feel Hertfordshire is becoming a Hardcore hotbed?

 S: I’d say Hertfordshire is a hotbed. There’s also Cry For Silence. Saving Aimee!. There’s lots of bands.

 S: The frustrating thing is that bands get big locally and think they were the bollocks and they still do and that fucks me off.


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