Interview: Bruce Kulick- Former KISS man talks his latest album


The Quickie.

Where we probe Rock gods with some rapid-fire queries. This month, ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick talks new album, playing Vegas and the Hottest Band in the World.

Bruce, How is the new album coming along?

 BK: I am really proud of this CD.  I want to do a total of 11 songs and I have only two more left to complete.

 Do you think it lives up to a previous promise you made that it would be the best solo work of your career?

BK: I know this for a fact. The EP is getting amazing reviews from my fans.

You had Gene and Nick Simmons into the studio to work on tracks with you, how did that go?

BK: Amazing… working with Gene is always fun, but Nick was special as it certainly is a new thing for him.  He did a great performance and his lyrics were perfect.

 Are there any other collaborators on the album?

BK: Well my producer Jeremy Rubolino co-wrote the songs with me.  Tobias Sammet from EDGUY co-wrote one as well.

You play with Union co-founder John Corabi in ESP, along with former Union collaborators Chuck Garric and Eric Singer. Is there any intention to perform or record together again as Union?

 BK: No plans right now, but Corabi is on my BK3 disc.

 Onto KISS, after 12 years in the band, what are your overwhelming feelings about that time in your career?

 BK: It was a great experience.  I loved meeting the KISS fans, and they are the best.  I learned so much from Gene and Paul, and of course every year had its highlights with tours or recording.

 What do you see as your finest contributions to KISS in terms of performances on record?

BK: REVENGE for sure.  The acoustic solo in “Forever”.  MTV unplugged… and some special solos on all the discs.

 How did you feel when the reunion happened and you left the band in 1996? Did you feel the KISS lineup with yourself and Eric could have gone further or was the painted reunion necessary for the survival of the band?

 BK: Well I had no choice but to “leave” the band.  The reunion tour would go on and on.   Economics made the reunion necessary.

 You play in many different bands including ESP, your solo work, Grand Funk Railroad. What element of your career makes you happiest?

BK: My solo work is my biggest reward.  Creating something people love.  But of course playing guitar live, and making people feel my emotion on the guitar, that rules too!

BK3 is scheduled for Summer 2009. Check out for all things Bruce.


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