Panic At The Disco Writing Album Three

Things in the Panic At The Disco camp have been pretty quiet so far in 2009, it wasn’t until they were announced as one of the supports for Blink 182’s trek across America that they have been in the press at all this year. So where have they been hiding?

In a canyon in California, apparently. When speaking to MTV news, frontman Brendon Urie revealed that the four-piece have been working from Ryan Ross’s Canyon home writing for the follow up to 2008’s Pretty Odd. “We’ve been doing home demos for the past six months — just kind of writing — and we’re pretty close, we’re hoping to finish up over the next couple months.”

Talking about Panic’s transformation in style and sound for their sophomore album Urie commented on what fans can expect from them next: “Our last two records kind of sounded different. This one is … I don’t even know how to describe it,” he said. “We’ve always been a pop band. We’ve always been fans of pop music, whether it’s the Beatles — which is, like, the beginning of pop music — we’ve always been fans of good catchy melodies and lighthearted music.”

“We moved to California since the last record, so that’s inspiration,” drummer Spencer Smith added. “We started surfing, too, so maybe we’ll get a little Beach Boys vibe on this one.”

There’s no firm release date but with the recording process underway it shouldn’t be too long until Panic’s name is on everyone’s lips again.


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