Frank Turner Signs To Epitaph Records


Frank Turner has just announced that he will be the latest addition to the Epitaph Records family. The folk-punk singer has decided to stick by his current record label, Xtra Mile, who will continue to represent him within the UK, leaving punk staple, Epitaph Records, to release album Love Ire & Song and any future albums around the rest of the world.

Posting on his official website, Frank had this to say: “This is a new beginning for me. [Epitaph are] still one of the best labels in the world, and they’re independent to boot. It’s also really important to me that they’ve accommodated me staying with Xtra Mile in the UK – those guys are my family, and there’s no way I was going to jump ship.”

In the post he talks briefly about his relationship with the iconic label, noting: “the Epitaph logo was [always] a badge of quality that meant I would buy the record, regardless of what it was. In so doing I got into almost all my favourite punk bands.”

In other Frank Turner news, the singer/guitarist has recently been added to The Offspring’s mammouth tour of the US, boasting other illustrious support such as Dropkick Murphys, Alkaline Trio and Sum 41.


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