Dave Mustaine vows to make it into the Hall of Fame


Megadeth frontman/physical embodiment Dave Mustaine has vowed: “I’ll be in the Hall Of Fame one way or the other”, aswell as speaking out on many other subjects including the direction of his band’s new album and his conversations with Metallica‘s mercurial sticksman Lars Ulrich.

The troubled Thrasher sounded remarkably comfortable in his own skin talking to HeadbangersBlog,  saying “I love the new record. It’s more along the lines of the middle of ‘Rust In Peace’ and middle of ‘Countdown To Extinction’. It’s definitely the conclusion of ‘United Abominations’, if not one up on it.” With those three albums numbering among the best not just in the Deth‘s career, but in metal history, it bodes well for their latest opus.

Speaking of his one time bandmate/long time thorn-in-the-side, Lars Ulrich he said: “I was just talking to Ulrich the other day on the phone, and asking me to go to  Hall Of Fame— and although we have differing opinions on what person should be inducted for it or not, it didn’t turn out that he felt that I should be inducted, so I passed — but I talked to him.”

You can hear more Mustaine (than you can handle! YEAH!) at


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