Newsted: “Truijillo Won’t Play With Metallica At Hall Of Fame”


Continuing the Metallica-Jason Newsted saga.

UPDATE: A Warner Brothers Records spokesman has just confirmed that ”
Jason and Robert will both be playing METALLICA‘s induction songs.”

Hmm, seems like they can’t get their story straight. Either this is all one massive publicity stunt (hey, it’s working well) or the band themselves don’t really know what’s going on… who would you prefer to see playing at the ceremony? Current Metallica, Black Album-era Metallica or Both?
Despite previous reports indicating that all of Metallica– including ex-bassist Jason Newsted– will perform together at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony, Newsted has now confirmed that he will completely replace current bassist Rob Truijillo during the performance.

In an interview with Reuters/Billboard, the ex-bassist explains that he got a call from drummer Lars Ulrich, asking him to join the band: “He said, ‘We want you to rock with us.” Lars then told him that the band’s current bassist, Rob Truijillo “‘is not gonna play at all. We want you to play.’ And my first question was, ‘How’s Robert with that? How does he feel about that? I don’t want to create any kind of negative anything. I want this all to be proper.’

“(Ulrich) said, ‘No, he’s with it, man. He wants to be there as a fan, too, and wants to see the ‘Black’ Album band’…It’s all good. Everybody’s agreed to it. Let’s rock!’ ‘OK. Let’s rock.'”

Newsted also discusses his surprise at being asked to play at all, saying: “I just planned on going, looking good in my suit, hanging out with my family, going up and getting the award, making a nice speech…”

Prior to the call from Lars, it seems that Newsted was more than happy to see his ex-bandmates represent Metallica: “[I felt strongly] because they’re strong right now, together. Those four guys in Metallica are out there knocking the shit down, standing tall, able, prowess, chops are in order … There aren’t many times the Hall of Fame can induct a band that’s fully capable like that.”

Ah, isn’t he a modest guy? We wonder how Rob really feels being kicked out for a one-night-stand, he’s approximately the size of Godzilla, but still not even giant lizards like to feel like they’re not wanted anymore.

Are you happy to see ‘The Black Album’ band back?


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