New KISS Film In The Works

Germany Kiss Tour

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has revealed that a string of new KISS projects are in the works, including a new feature film, tv show and animated cartoon.

The Demon updated fans via his official website “We have a Financial Product we’re working on that’s shaping up to be (perhaps) the biggest venture we’ve ever undertaken. Can’t say more at this time. We’re also developing a NEW TV SHOW (soon to be announced) for Network.  And, we are Producing a FILM that’s about to start shooting in the near future.”

Details on the film are scarce, with no current information as to the plot or who is involved. Although “we are producing a film” sounds very much like a brand-spanking new KISS feature to us. We’re hoping that it’s not a remake of KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park, 1978’s straight-t0-tv movie which is definitely under the “so awful it’s borderline genius” catergory.

The Demon also announced that the long-rumoured KISS cartoon is likely to go ahead: “Looks like there’s an ANIMATION DEAL that’s not too far from the finish line. If and when it’s done, it will enable us to fund and own our own animated cartoon show.”

Tentative details on Gene’s own long-awaited box set were also given: “[The] Gene Simmons box set (‘Alter Ego’) will probably see the light of day in the fall and (looks like) will contain 150 songs that have never been released.”

150 NEW SONGS? That’s more than most bands have, let alone ones that are just lying around waiting to be included in a box-set. We think this is just showing off how busy KISS really are. A new album, a current tour, a film, a cartoon? Is there anything they won’t give us loyal fans? Next they’ll be making KISS condoms…oh wait.


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