New KISS Album Out In September Says Starchild!

Germany Kiss Tour
KISS vocalist/guitarist/Starchild Paul Stanley has just announced that the band’s new album will be with us by September.

Speaking to Brazillian website O DIA ONLINE, the frontman said: “It’s amazing, it will be the following of Destroyer and Love Gun, a classic KISS album. It will be out in September.”

SEPTEMBER? That is SIX MONTHS away! We could have a new KISS album in six months. The world will probably stop turning on the release day.

KISS bassist/vocalist/Demon/Product Whore Gene Simmons has only recently confirmed the release of the band’s first studio album since 1998’s Psycho Circus. He promised the new album will have a “classic ’70s rock and roll vibe” and that the band have “nothing to prove to anybody. We’re not interested in musical trends or anything else.”

Finally, a band who aren’t so quick to lick the balls of the current music scene. KISS are looking to follow in the footsteps of AC/DC’s King Kong-sized comeback. Listen to the masses people, the fans want Rock and Fucking Roll.
The frontman didn’t give any more details about the release of the album, but we’ll keep you updated on every development of the album when we know. Check the whole interview out for yourself on the link above, only if you’re fluent in Portuguese though.


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Great! I can’t wait!

The KISSology DVDs were just released here in Japan:

Comment by tokyo5

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