24 is Plenty Poor During Season Four (RHYME!)
March 13, 2009, 2:48 pm
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While Fancore is behind the times with its Jack Bauer watching, we here have been enthralled by the first 3 seasons of everyone’s favourite counter-terrorismfest. From the suave casanova that is Tony Almeida to the saddening end of George Mason, through the booming voice of President Palmer to Jack rescuing his daughter every 5 minutes, seasons 1-3 had it all.


And then came Season 4.


And it’s shit. Fancore is only two episodes in but the producers have taken away every single recognisable character except for Jack (duh) and Chloe (duck) and replaced them with a crack team of bland nobodies trying to prevent a terrorist threat that Tony could have shut down in 30 seconds and still had time to ruffle his gorgeous hair.

As well as hitting your eyebuds with the hot and the not of music alternatism, we will also occassionally moan about crap like this. Fancore will keep you updated on it’s thoughts of a season you all saw long ago. Don’t give it away now kids 😉


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I completely agree with this (shocking eh?),
people will think it was a lady who wrote this; I hope they’d be pleasantly surprised to know a hunk of man posted this fervently.

Comment by fancore

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