Taking Back Sunday Add Leeds Date To UK Tour



Taking Back Sunday have boosted their July/August residency in the UK by adding an extra date at Leeds Met University for August 2nd.

The Long Islanders will be playing on the mainstage of Sonisphere Festival the day before with Linkin Park, Heaven and Hell and Coheed and Cambria before heading off to Europe for a host of other festival performances in support of their arguably career-best album ‘New Again’. Tickets are now on sale for all of their UK shows, with full dates on TBSOfficial Website. The band have also added a number of US shows for everyone in the States, with full pre-sale info and dates also being found on the link above.

The UK tour is currently as follows:

26th July: Dublin Academy, Dubin, United Kingdom

27th July: Spring & Airbrake, Belfast, United Kingdom

29th July: Glasgow ABC 1, Glasgow United Kingdom

30th July: Liverpool Academy, Liverpool United Kingdom

31st July: Cardiff University, Cardiff  United Kingdom


1st August: Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth United Kingdom


2nd August: Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, United Kingdom

With a full week before they hit Germany we’re hoping that TBS will be able to squeeze in a few more dates in the UK aswell as doing the usual sightseeing. Where are you seeing them? Sonisphere or somewhere else?

Nightmare Of You Post New Song “Experimental Bed”

noy pic

Eccentric indie-tinged rockers Nightmare Of You have posted a new song from forthcoming album “Infomaniac“.

On the band’s tour widget, which you can view RIGHT HERE, you can be one of the first to listen to “Experimental Bed”, whilst other new song, “I Think I’m Getting Older” is also available on their Official Myspace.


We think “Experimental Bed” is probably a bit soft for our anti-indie tastes, although Brandon’s voice has never sounded better. “I Think I’m Getting Older”, however is still stuck in our heads since our first listen last week, which is always a good sign and is definitely enough of a glimse to excite us even more for ‘Infomaniac’ which is set for release on August 4th.

If you’re not yet familiar with the wonderously weird Nightmare Of You, you can read our feature on the band and check out our picks for the five hottest bands of the moment in Fancore’s Your New Favourite Bands Feature.

My Chemical Romance Issue Updates On New Album


Modern-day rock heroes My Chemical Romance have issued fans with some much-needed updates on how the first stages of recording are going. The NJ quintet are currently into the first week of tracking their fourth studio album, set with the unenviable task of following 2006′s multi-platinum larger-than-life rock opera The Black Parade. And during all of this, lead-guitarist Ray Toro has been kind enough to blog daily updates on official website

Day 3 of tracking: Things are still motoring along. Bob [Bryar] is playing great, so we’re continuing the fast pace. Great vibe here at the studio, Brendan is a lot of fun to work with, and is very focused and energetic. Rest of the band is playing great too. The time in rehearsals really paid off, as we’re getting a good idea of what songs will sound like when therest of tracking is done.”

“I can’t say enough how happy I am with the band. The roughs sound UNBELIEVABLE, its crazy to me how much better and tighter as a band we’ve gotten. It makes me feel really good in the age of “digital performers” that we could go in and track live and still have it sound amazing…”

Toro blogged as recently as yesterday noting: “After a few days of tracking guitars and bass, G has moved on to vocals for a few songs. Everything is turning out great.”

With the band working as quickly as they seem to be, we could definitely be looking at a release before the year is out! We may even get a sneak preview of the new album live when MCR play SummerSonic in Japan this August.

Anyone still worried that the new album won’t be as good as previous efforts, never fear, guitarist Frank Iero issued this on his Official Twitter account: “Our new record is probably going to ruin all of your lives. prepare. Load up on canned goods and distilled water fuckers your gonna need it.” Sounds exactly like our sort of record!

Fear Factory cancel Sonisphere reunion

 Legendary Metallers Fear Factory have had to sadly pull out of the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, UK. This incarnation of the band would have reunited vocalist Burton C Bell with guitarist Dino Cazares with the band completed by legendary ex-Testament and Death drummer Gene Hoglan and Fear Factory’s current bassist Byron Stroud.

However legal wranglings have ensued over the use of the name, as Bell and Stroud are the only ones entitled legally to use the name, along with pre-reunion guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers and drummer Raymond Herrera.

Sonisphere had this to say on their official Twitter page:

“Good news is that we have an extra main stage band to announce. Bad news Fear Factory just pulled out (no that is not a euphemism)”

More on this story as we get it.

KISS’ Gene and Paul: the album will be ready in 3 days!


KISS frontman Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons have released some more snatches of info on the band’s first studio album in 11 years. The Starchild had this to say on Kissonline.

“We’re about four days from finishing the new KISS album. Eleven tracks, and it IS everything I’ve told you. It IS classic. It IS all written within the band. And IT ROCKS BIG TIME! Tommy and Eric both handle lead vocals. The songs, sound and playing will knock your socks off. You will all be as proud and excited as we all are. Oh…and WAIT till you see the cover! We ARE just getting started!”

Demon and reality TV star Gene added this today

headed off to the recording studio to do some vocals on the new KISS STUDIO ALBUM (we’ll tell you the title later).

Gene Simmons

Exciting stuff, this just might be Fancore’s most anticipated release of the year, tell us what you think!

INTERVIEW: Enter Shikari “We Never Hold Back, If We Did We’d Sound Like The Maccabees”


UK Dancecore mob Enter Shikari are taking the world by storm, one sweaty frenzy of a show at a time and with the release of Common Dreads it looks like their hold on the planet will do anything but loosen. Shikari boys Rou (vocals) and Rory (guitar) wax lyrical on their mind-blowing new album, keeping up the DIY ethic in music and making it to Edith Bowman’s playlist.

Your success has paved the way for a number of other rock bands influenced by electronic music to gain mainstream attention. How do you feel about these bands using a similar style to you?

Rou Reynolds (Vocals): It’s good to experiment definitely. At the end of the day you should play music you enjoy, whatever texture or mood that brings. It doesn’t always work with everyone but it’s good to try.

Do you feel that these bands are directly copying you?

Rou: I suppose there are definitely a lot of bands that do ‘Mothership’ sounding beatdowns with sort of a trance synth over the top. The amount of standard sounding Metalcore bands alone that we’ve toured with, especially in America have been playing the same stuff.

Rory Clewlow (Guitar): It puts us off a bit, it’s a bit soul destroying hearing the same sort of music every night.

Rou: I don’t think we’ve got any pressure really.

Rory: I guess if we identified ourselves as a band which was original, and did this “different” thing then it would probably be threatening but I guess we’ve always just done it cause that’s what we want to do. We don’t compare ourselves to anyone really we just do our own thing.

Has it been refreshing to play intimate, scaled-down shows this year?

 Rory: Last year was really good ‘cause we did lots of smaller shows and then the year before that we did the big festival seasons. This year we’re going to be doing festivals again but we’re throwing in some smaller shows for a bit of variety cause it’s never good to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again.

 How did the recording process for upcoming album Common Dreads go?

 Rou: By the time we got into the recording studio it was pretty smooth from there on out. A lot of things changed that we didn’t think would, like song structures got played about with and all sorts of alterations happened. The only time it got a bit hairy was at the beginning when we started sorting out the riffs, with crazy four-part harmonies in the background! (laughs) I guess when we started labelling the different riffs and ideas and putting them into categories we were sort of like “whoa” we’ve got this massive mission ahead of us to make sense of all these ideas and put them together. But once we organised it, it was fairly plain sailing.

 Is the direction of the new album radically different from Take to the Skies?

 Rory: There’s definitely progression in the way it sounds. This is the first time on a record where we’ve had a lot of time to experiment. I think we developed as songwriters and players. And lyrically we are more direct; we say what we are thinking rather than shrouding stuff in   metaphor.

 Rou: I still feel that the first album is almost a live album, we just went into the studio, did it in two weeks, we just thrashed it out. We didn’t really experiment or work on it at all in the studio. This time there was time to play about and develop the songs.  This really feels like our first album in a way.

 Do you think that you now have more to say?

 Rory: Well I don’t think we’ve ever been the type of band to hold back (laughs). I think if we were then the first album wouldn’t sound like it does, it would sound like The Maccabees.

 What were your main musical influences going into this album?

 Rou: We really need to start making a list for that question (laughs). So much stuff. Hardcore was still very much an essential theme. ‘Sick of it All’ being my favourite Hardcore band from day one really.

Rory: I’ll chuck Radiohead in there, and Rage Against the Machine.

Rou: Biffy Clyro. A lot of softer stuff like Jose Gonzalez, Regina Spektor. Dance-wise is more genres, like Drum ‘n’ Bass and Dubstep have been a big influence but then again so has House, so has Trance. Hardcore and Happy Hardcore, that whole side of dance.

 Rory: It’s like every song brings something new to the table. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint any direct, main influences.

 Rou: Even UK Hip Hop like Lowkey, The One Taste Collective which is a collective of all sorts of musicians and poets. Is that enough? (laughs)

 You mentioned Dubstep there, a genre that has come into the mainstream more since your last album. How have you used Dubstep on the new album?

 Rou: The idea was to have interludes, like on the last album, not full songs. Dub and Dubstep were sort of a big influence so we decided to make them actual songs with the whole band playing it rather than just me playing it on electronics. It sounds really cool but it took a lot of work, especially on Chris’ (Batten, Bassist) bass set-up. It’s ridiculous now (smiles), it’s completely computerised, digitalised. Some of the sounds he’s getting are just awesome. Taking that to a live scenario is really cool.

 How have the tracks from Common Dreads sounded in the live setting so far?

 Rou: I’ve been pleasantly surprised really. As a fan of a band, if they play something new I’d kind of take a step back from dancing, to listenand watch them play it. A lot of people seem to be going nuts for [the new songs].

 Rory: A lot of what people come to the live shows for is the energy, then they go home and listen to the CD to nitpick the music. I guess that’s just our fans that mainly do that though.

 Another festival you played recently was the Radio One Big Weekend, do you think having major radio backing has helped you as a band?

 Rory: Exposure on Radio One is one of the best things that can happen as a band. It’s the way to get music out to totally random people. To be honest I don’t really listen to Radio One a lot, because I don’t like a lot of what’s on it. Playing the Big Weekend, you would look out at the crowd and you could tell it wasn’t really all our fans. It’s all giveaway tickets at that festival, it’s not people who normally go to gigs so it was good for us.

 Rou: I think it’s that whole “non-music fan” Radio One audience that just listen to the radio for their fix of…

 Rory: (interrupting) Lady Gaga (both laugh).

 Rou: It’s good to introduce them to…I don’t want to sound like too much of a twat but good sorts of…bands. Radio One to be fair have all the specialist shows, like Zane Lowe’s really good he plays loads of new stuff, and they’ve got the Rock Show and the Punk Show so it’s great. But for us (new single) Juggernauts has been played in the middle of the day which is something I never though I’d hear. Us on Edith Bowman! (laughs) It’s weird as hell but it’s cool.

 As a band you have always held DIY ethics, how much longer do you think you can stay on your own record label?

 Rou: I think the way the music industry is going, every minute a band says they are doing a different deal and saying, “this is the future!” We’ve changed distributors for this album and we’re going to plug in to a few more marketing people, but I think the way we run ourselves will always be the same. I couldn’t see us selling away our copyright or something like that. That shit just scares me!

 Rory: It doesn’t really make much sense to us to sign a standard old-school record deal.

 With yourselves, Gallows and Your Demise, do you think that Hertfordshire may be the new home of Hardcore?

 Rou: (laughs) When we were growing up literally all I listened to rock-wise, apart from big bands like Rage Against the Machine was bands from out local scene.

 Rory: All our bands have taken influence from each other, if you know the St Albans Hardcore scene and listen to us and Gallows and Your Demise you’ll definitely hear the influence.

 Rou: There’s so many other bands, like Sikth, Cry for Silence, Incoherence. There was a really huge scene around Watford, Hatfield and St Albans.

 (At this point drummer Rob Rolfe walks in, admonishes his laptop for not charging, before politely apologising, exclaiming “shit, you’re in an interview” and then leaving the room. Nice guy.)

 Rou: Ourselves and Gallows came along after a few years, and now Your Demise as well. It seems to be kicking off again.

 Can you recommend any new bands to our readers?

Rory: Obviously Your Demise. Fell Silent, we’ve toured with them three or four times. They are our mates but they are also an awesome band. A bit like, they’ll hate me for saying this, but a little bit like Meshuggah. The get compared to them all the time.

Common Dreads is currently on sale, if you don’t have it- you pretty much have no excuses…

Watch Linkin Park’s “New Divide” Video For Transformers 2

For a Summer blockbuster the size of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen you’re going to expect a soundtrack equally as massive, because let’s face it- anything next to Optimus Prime is going to look pretty lame. Leave it to Linkin Park to create a song that’s more than worthy of sharing the stage with our favourite Autobots. Check out the video to LP’s latest effort, “New Divide” above.

‘New Divide’ is already available as a single and the full Transformers 2 soundtrack, featuring Green Day, Taking Back Sunday and The All American Rejects is out on June 23rd.

Download Festival announce secret bands

The secret isn’t so secret any more as the organisers of the Download Festival have revealed the two secret bands that will play over the course of the weekend. Friday will see Dancecore superstars Enter Shikari at 5:30pm while Saturday plays host to legendary British Rockers Thunder at 18:40, both on the Tuborg Stage.

The festival runs from the 12th to the 14th June at Donington Raceway and is headlined by Faith No More, Slipknot and Def Leppard.

Poison The Well stream new album track on MySpace
June 9, 2009, 8:57 am
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Progressive Hardcore heroes Poison The Well are streaming new track ‘Cinema’ on their Myspace page. This is the first track the band have made available from upcoming album ‘The Tropic Rot’ due out on 6th July. Check the track out at

Job For A Cowboy release track from upcoming album


Arizona Death Metallers Job For A Cowboy are streaming a new track from upcoming album “Ruination”. You can check out “Unfurling A Darkened Gospel” HERE and also flick through the new album’s insert booklet, to get yourself in the mood for having your ears pummeled. The track is intense, so get yourselves over there now!

Sonisphere Festival Day Tickets Now On Sale

For those non-campers among us, you can now select a single day of the Sonisphere Fest to call your own. As of this morning, day tickets are £67.50 a piece, with no booking fees!

Saturday has the choice of Linkin Park, Heaven and Hell, Anthrax, Taking Back Sunday and Bullet For My Valentine to name just a few, whilst Sunday has the almighty Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Avenged Sevenfold and Lamb of God.

You can get your hands on one from

iwrestledabearonce release video for “You Ain’t No Family”


Progressive Metalcore nutcases iwrestledabearonce have released a new video for single “You Ain’t No Family” You can view the clip HERE. The track is the first to be released off new album “It’s All Happening”, which is available now.

Beastie Boys announce new album “Hot Sauce Committee”


Rap crossover legends the Beastie Boys have announced plans to release a new album. The band say they will “offer insights into how [the record] was crafted” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. It is set to be entitled Hot Sauce Committee. No release date has been set as of now, we will post as soon as it is announced.

Enter Shikari release “Juggernauts” remixes


Dancecore heroes Enter Shikari have released two remixes of their upcoming single Juggernauts, to publicise it’s 1st June release.

Frontman Rou Reynolds talks us through the remixes:


‘A Local label to us and good mates who we thought could give Juggers a tidy dubstep mix; and that’s exactly what they’ve done! They’ve kept the feel good vibe of the track which isn’t really heard much in the dubstep world but I think it really works and sounds gorgeous.’



‘We’ve always really looked up to Nero as drum and bass producers, and felt they could do a great job with Juggers. He really accentuates the euphoria of the tune and rivals any big dance floor club banger with this!’

The St Albans boys’ new album Common Dreads is out on 15th June. An interview with the band will appear in the first issue of Fancore fanzine, which will be available on this site worldwide, and at various venues, record stockists and clubs across the UK.

Placebo plan UK tour in December


Alt-rock legends Placebo have announced a host of UK shows December to support the release of new album Battle for the Sun. Expect a Pure Morning and if new single For What It’s Worth is anything to go by, a Rockin’ evening at:

8th December- Birmingham NEC  (LG Arena)
9th December- The O2 Arena
12th December- Manchester Central
15th December- Dublin Olympia Theatre

Download announce final acts for June Festival


The Download Festival lineup is complete. After months of nervous hypothesising, salacious rumour-mongering and sweaty-palmed anticipation, the lineup for Donington is here. The nifty 120 band soiree is completed by:



Some quality stuff in there, and not long now til the fest! Download runs from 12th-14th June at Donington Park.

Marilyn Manson streams new album on MySpace


If you’re a try before you buy kinda cat, you’ll be pleased to know Industrial Everyone-Botherer Marilyn Manson has put his new album The High End of Low on MySpace for all the world to hear.

The God of Fuck probably doesn’t care if you like it, but we do so drop us a line and let us know your thoughts. Listen to the album HERE and tell FANCORE what you think.

UK Rock up and comers out in force on “Fresh Blood” tour

A stacked package tour full to the brim with the finest young UK metal and hardcore talent is set to sweep the country this June. “The Fresh Blood” tour will be showcasing this motley crew of Blighty’s best future superstars:



Though only a year young, this angular post-hardcore crew have garnered great kudos from fans and critics alike.
Having racked up shows and tours alongside the likes of Architects, Your Demise, Misery Signals and Deez Nuts, LTA’s ever apparent hunger is only matched by their ever increasing potential.

Though they feature former members of once revered metalcore crew Eternal Lord amidst their rank and file, We Stare At Mirrors are an entirely more progressive and complex proposition than their previous incarnations. Taking influence from the likes of Misery Signals and Shai Hulud, WSAM combine abrasiveness and technicality with glittering melody.

HEART IN HAND (Bournemouth, UK)
Formed just 7 months ago after vocalist Charlie Holmes departed metal extremists Trigger The Bloodshed, Heart In Hand have been quick to gather some moss in the UK underground, their melodic riffery and huge swathes of thunderous groove already proving an irresistible formula in it’s embryonic stages!

(South Wales, UK)
Dubbed as a “nailbomb that refuses to outstay it’s welcome” by Rock Sound magazine, This Distance offer up swathes of downtuned groove to rival the stateside likes of Emmure and For The Fallen Dreams.

You can catch this formidable collection of rock at:

18 June – Southampton @ Hamptons
19 June – Derby @ Vic Inn
20 June – Birmingham @ Swinging Sporran
21 June – Port Talbot @ Fourwinds
22 June – Reading @ Facebar
23 June – Camden @ Underworld

We have got an interview with the very promising Heart in Hand in the first issue of Fancore, coming soon.

The Devil Wears Prada apologise for missing Russia shows


Metalcore merchants The Devil Wears Prada have been forced to miss a pair of shows in Russia planned for next week. In a statement,  the band they explain the cancellations:

“Unfortuntely the band have had to postpone two shows in Russia scheduled for next week but are now planning a longer visit as soon as their schedule allows:

The Devil Wears Prada deeply regret for the Russian tour reschedule that have rapidly occurred due to personal reasons of the band members.
We would like to assure you that nothing went wrong, everything was on schedule and the tour was properly planned by our Russian promoters.
We both would love to come to Russia as soon as possible and our Russian promoters together with our management are currently working on this to happen. More to say – the list of the cities that we will visit will be larger!”

The Devil Wears Prada released their new album “With Roots Above and Branches Below” on Tuesday. You will be able to read a full review in the first issue of Fancore magazine. Get a sneaky taster of the new record in the the form of new cut “Sassafras” over on their Myspace

Man Raze announce UK album release date


Rock supergroup Man Raze, fronted by Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen and completed by founding Sex Pistol, Paul Cook and ex-Girl bassist Simon Laffy, have announced the UK release date for their critically acclaimed debut “Surreal” The UK version of the album, that is already making waves Stateside, comes complete with a bonus disc of unreleased material featuring ” ‘You’re So Wrong’, ‘Low (Live in Burbank 08), ‘Turn It Up (Deep Dub)’, ‘Runnin’ Me Up (Instrumental Dub)’ and ‘Can’t Find My Own Way’  Live Acoustic (Gary Crowley show).

You can see Man Raze in the UK at the Download Festival on Saturday 13th June, with Collen’s other band Def Leppard headlining the main stage on Sunday 14th June. Man Raze will be playing a one-off headlining show at Dublin Academy 2 in Eire on Wednesday 10th June.

Check these boys out, they combine their legendary pasts into a fresh-sounding, Rock ‘n Roll racket. Fancore approves.

Ghost of A Thousand to play free album launch shows


Brighton Hardcore m0b The Ghost of a Thousand will be playing a pair of free launch shows for their upcoming album “New Hopes, New Demonstrations” at the end of this month. And best of all, you can see the fastest rising stars in British Hardcore for free! The lads will be playing Brighton Audio on the 30th May with support coming from Blackhole and This City before hitting Bloomsbury Bowling with Outcry Collective and Warship.

As well as a flamin’ good lineup of free music, there will also be more giveaways than you can shake a riff at with Jagermeister, Epitaph, Criminal Damage and many more throwing freebies your way.

The album is out on 1st June, and you can’t make these recession-busting shows, you can also catch the lads for cash at:


6 May 2009                         Academy 1 w/ Gallows and ETID               Manchester, UK

8 May 2009                         ABC w/ Gallows and ETID                             Glasgow, UK

16 May 2009                       Great Escape Festival                                     Brighton, UK

20 May 2009                       iBar                                                                        Bournemouth, UK

21 May 2009                       Forum, w/ Gallows & ETID                           London, UK

24 May 2009                       University, Slam dunk festival                    Leeds, UK

01 June 2009                       Bloomsbury Bowling – album launch!     London, UK

06 June 2009                      Harlequin                                                            Redhill, UK

11 June 2009                      Borderline w / Alexisonfire                          London, UK

10 July 2009                        Lounge On The Farm Festival                      Canterbury, UK

11 July 2009                        The Canteen                                                      Cumbria, UK

12 July 2009                        Guilfest – Rocksound Cave                          Guildford, UK

08 Aug 2009                        Boardmasters – Vans Stage                         Newquay, UK

28 Aug 2009                        Reading Festival – Lock Up Stage              Reading, UK

30 Aug 2009                        Leeds Festival – Lock Up Stage                   Leeds, UK

Skindred announce mammoth UK tour!
May 1, 2009, 10:56 am
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Ragga-metal heroes Skindred will embark on a supersized UK tour this Autumn, and Fancore has got the dates!

See Benji Webbe’s roots-rock assault at:


30 – NORWICH Waterfront
01 – NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms
02 – MANCHESTER Club Academy
03 – LEEDS Cockpit
04 – NEWCASTLE Academy 2
07 – STOKE Sugarmill
08 – SHEFFIELD Corporation
09 – NORTHAMPTON Roadmender
10 – WOLVERHAMPTON Wulfrun Hall
11 – OXFORD Academy 2
13 – CARDIFF Solus
14 – BRISTOL Academy 2
15 – FALMOUTH Pavillions
16 – EXETER Phoenix
17 – SOUTHAMPTON University
19 – BRIGHTON Concorde 2
20 – LONDON Electric Ballroom

If you see Fancore, buy us a beer!

Fear Factory to reunite with Dino Cazares at Sonisphere!


Legendary US metallers Fear Factory will reunite with long-departed former lead axeman Dino Cazares at the Sonisphere festival at Knebworth on the 1st and 2nd of August. Dino left the band under acrimonius circumstances in 2002, this reunion is a dream come true for fans of the band. Good work Sonisphere!

Heaven and Hell “Bible Black” video to premiere tommorrow



Heaven and Hell will debut the video for new song “Bible Black” on Vh1 Classic’s “That Metal Show” at 11:30pm . The Ben Ceccarelli directed animated clip will be exclusively premiered online at Yahoo music on Monday. This will be the first music video by the band since their incarnation as Black Sabbath.

Mark Hoppus Talks Blink 182 New “Video”

One third of the recently reformed heroes of pop-punk, Blink 182′s Mark Hoppus has spoken to MTV news about the band’s new video shoot. The update comes after the bassist/vocalist posted images that showed the trio performing in front of a green screen.

On his official blog, the rock-star turned producer posted this image, under the header “This is how I spent my Thursday”:

Under the photo were the words:
“I can’t say anything about this yet, but keep your eyes open.”

Suffice to say the images literally sent internet forums into overload, with fingers manically typing on keyboards around the world. Due to the mysterious nature of the post, Hoppus dropped MTV an email to clear a few things up:

“It’s definitely not what it seems to be. It’s not really a music video shoot, and it’s not really a movie shoot, it’s something that no other band has done, and the technology behind it is ridiculous. I don’t even know how to explain it.”

Hmm, how mysterious! Any ideas on what you think it could be? Our eyes are now officially open, wide open in fact. There are very few details on what Blink 182 have planned, from various Twitter posts it looks like the band have been rehearsing a number of songs from their back catalogue, aswell as working on new songs from an as of yet unknown new album, vaguely penciled in for Summer 2009.

And now to add to the fanfare is a new something or other that will show Blink 182 performing together, news on what it is and when you can lay your eyes on it will be provided as soon as we know.

Iron Maiden plan new album and tour next year

2010 looks set to be the year of British Metal deities Iron Maiden as Eddie’s icons plan to release the follow-up to 2006′s excellent “A Matter of Life and Death”. Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain said to Planet Rock ““We’re gonna take the rest of this year off. We’re gonna write in November/December and then go to record the new album in January next year,”

“After we finish the album we’ll more than likely go out on tour, I should imagine. Whether we go out sooner or later we don’t know. But the way we look at it is once you’ve made your album you don’t want to sit on it too long because you forget the stuff that you’ve recorded! Well I do anyway… You wanna go out and hit it while it’s hot so probably autumn time next year, maybe a little later.”

Sounds good to us bro, Up the Irons! The Planet Rock interview is set to air in a couple of weeks.

Tim “Ripper” Owens releases new song on Myspace


Former Armoured Saint and Judas Priest frontman Tim “Ripper” Owens has released a huge sounding slab of metal chaos over at his Myspace page. To hear some of the finest pipes in metal wailing over some shred guitars, get your bad selves over to to hear “Starting Over”

The track is off his upcoming album “Play My Game” which is set top feature contributions from former KISS axeman Bruce Kulick, ex-Megadeth four-stringer Dave Ellefson and current Dio member Rudy Sarzo.

Faith No More self-confirm Reading and Leeds appearances

90s Alternative Metallers Faith No More have self-confirmed appearances at the Reading and Leeds festivals in August. The listing appeared in the band’s tour dates section before being removed, but not before the whole world seeming to have read it first.

The announcement has surprised many, with the band believed to have signed an exclusive contract with Live Nation to play the Download Festival. It is unclear at this time whether this contract is in relation to main stage headliner status only, with FNM though to be a second stage candidate at Reading.

The Reading and Leeds festivals take place 28-30 August. Though the lineup sucks to be honest. Sue me.

“Elder” era KISS footage surfaces. Watch it here!

For the first time in almost 13 years, master tape footage of KISS during their ill-fated and short-lived “Elder” period has surfaced. The footage has been released by Eliteworks, an eBay seller currently auctioning a multitude of rare KISS merchandise from the personal collection of Curt Gooch, co-author of KISS Alive Forever. Check it out HERE

As well as this exclusive footage from the promotional tour of the much-derided album “Music from the Elder” (a closet Fancore favourite!), Eliteworks has also released unseen Australian tour footage and has many other rare KISS videos HERE. Elitework’s auctions can be found at this LINK

Papa Roach Live Review

Our man on the ground went to survey a night of rock and roll supremacy when Papa Roach stormed Birmingham o2 Academy, check out his musings RIGHT HERE.

Green Day Announce Tour Dates!!


Pop-Punk royalty Green Day have announced details for their first official tour in over three years. The trio will hit the United States and Canada on a tour that will keep them busy from July to August. There are a few gaps in the schedule, which suggests the possibilty of more dates to come and hopefully preceeds what we hope will be a vast European tour.

Green Day recently released their newest single, Know Your Enemy to the digital world- the first single off their long-awaited new effort, 21st Century Breakdown. And the lucky people at The Guardian have had a listen to it and reviewed it and everything, head on over to to read one of the first reviews.

The U.S and Canada Tour dates are as follows:

3rd                        Seattle, WA
4th                        Vancouver, BC
6th                        Edmonton, AB
7th                        Saskatoon, SAS
9th                        Winnipeg, MAN
10th                      Fargo, ND
11th                      Minneapolis, MN
13th                      Chicago, IL
14th                      Detroit, MI
16th                      Hamilton, ONT
17th                      Ottawa, ONT
18th                      Montreal, QUE
20th                      Boston, MA
21st                      Philadelphia, PA
22nd                     Pittsburgh, PA
24th                      Hartford, CT
25th                      Albany, NY
27th                      New York, NY
29th                      Washington, DC
31st                      Nashville, TN

1st                        Atlanta, GA
3rd                        Tampa, FL
4th                        Miami, FL
5th                        Orlando, FL
7th                        New Orleans, LA
8th                        Houston, TX
9th                        San Antonio, TX
11th                      St. Louis, MO
12th                       Kansas City, MO
13th                       Omaha, NE
15th                       Denver, CO
16th                       Salt Lake City, UT
18th                       San Jose, CA
20th                       San Diego, CA
21st                       Las Vegas, NV
22nd                       Phoenix, AZ
24th                       Sacramento, CA
25th                       Los Angeles, CA

Download announce 17 new bands: Tim “Ripper” Owens, A Day To Remember and Hatebreed

Download Festival have revealed a cavalcade of new bands for their upcoming June shindig. They have also revealed how the stages break up so you can start panicking about who you might have to miss. A Bring Me The Horizon/Limp Bizkit clash would upset Fancore deeply. To see how the stages break up click  HERE

And the new bands you ask? Well here for your viewing pleasure is the announcement straight from the Download Dog’s mouth:

“With a truly impressive bill of top rock acts from all over the world already in place for this year’s DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL AT DONINGTON PARK, we’re proud to announce another seventeen acts to join the likes of Faith No More, Slipknot, Def Leppard, Whitesnake and Trivium at this year’s event, taking place 12-14 June.

Returning to Download are US metal-core outfit HATEBREED, pop-punkers A DAY TO REMEMBER, Century Media darlings IN THIS MOMENT, Northern Irish rockers THERAPY?, US metallers GOD FORBID, Swedish rockers BACKYARD BABIES and new Brit metallers HOSTILE.

They are joined by Download first-timers Cali-rockers MIDDLE CLASS RUT, Brit-rockers NO AMERICANA, the Tool-influenced ESOTERICA, deathcore newcomers SUICIDE SILENCE, rock singer TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS, Canadian heavy metallers VOIVOD, Nuclear Blast-signed SYLOSIS, electro-rockers TURBOWOLF, and British hardcore outfit WE ARE THE OCEAN.

The only musician so far officially playing two slots at Download this year, will be Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, who in addition to headlining the Sunday night with his main band, will be also performing the day before with his side project MAN RAZE.”

If you ask Fancore, that is one heck of a lineup. “Ripper”, Hatebreed, ADTR, Sylosis and Voivod all come with the great big stamp of ‘Core approval. See you in the pit!

Down announce UK dates around Download


Sludge Metallers Down have announced three shows in the UK around the time of their Download Festival appearance. Phil Anselmo will be bringing the pain to:


15 – BELFAST Mandela Hall
16 – DUBLIN Academy

The former Pantera frontman is currently nursing a knee injury, but insists he will have recovered in time to brutalise our shores in June.

System Of A Down Drummer Auditions For Smashing Pumpkins

It has been revealed, via a blog on The Smashing Pumpkins‘s Official Website that System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan is one of twelve hopefuls who have auditioned for the now vacant post.

This morning’s update was as follows:

“In total, 12 drummers were auditioned [in Los Angeles] on Tuesday. An additional tryout could potentially be held in May due to such overwhelming response to the audition process. Overall, the drumming auditions were considered a very positive experience. The talent in all the drummers that tried out was incredible. Some of the candidates include John Dolmayan of SYSTEM OF A DOWN and Frank Lenz, a past bandmate of guitarist Jeff Schroeder from THE LASSIE FOUNDATION.”

The legendery Illinois Alt-Rockers had recently announced plans to allow an open casting call for all willing sticksmen, following longtime drummer Jimmy Chamberlin’s departure from the band. Following the announcement, the former drummer posted a statement on his personal blog, calling the departure “a positive move forward” and adding, “I can no longer commit all of my energy into something that I don’t fully possess. I won’t pretend I’m into something I’m not. I won’t do it to myself, you the fan, or my former partner. I can’t just, “Cash the check” so to speak.” Chamberlin also commented on Billy Corgan’s decision to continue to use The Smashing Pumpkin’s name, saying: “My best goes out to Billy and I’m glad he has chosen to continue under the name. It is his right.”

Photo Credit: Kateri Forbes (

Slipknot to premiere new video for ‘Sulfur’ on Saturday
April 17, 2009, 3:31 pm
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Iowan crushers Slipknot have announced that they will premiere their latest video, for new single ‘Sulfur’ on . The video will be available on the site from 5:00pm on Saturday 18th April.

‘Sulfur’ is available as a digital-download single right now from your usual online music stockists.


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